Soho Loft NY

I have been to SOHO once in my life.  Enough time spent to know I could spend more time there.  Hey...can you say 'girls road trip'? I came across this lovely loft and thought I would share. 
Bright vibrant colors on a pale backdrop, perfection in my view.  An eclectic mix of goodness.  I spy me some tufting, you might recall I have a thing for it.
How about that mirrored screen?  The large scale theatre prints hung in gallery style brings balance to the screen and provide a great backdrop of colors.
Bird's eye view of vintage mixed with contemporary.
Don't see any toasters on the counters, thank goodness! I might style a wee bit though.
This has a cozy appeal..., a mixture of steel, wood, leather and fur!  
Hmmm, surprised you eh? Defining space in 'room like' manner, just what a loft needs. A lot of natural light wafting through the windows, although I might like something light blowing in the breeze. 


What do you say friends....road trip?  Think we could find one of these little numbers to drop our things while we go out exploring and shopping and eating?

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Interiors by ABC Dragoo, NY, NY


  1. Wow, what a beautiful space. The oversized mirror is great. Such a nice kitchen for a loft. Hope your weekend is fabulous!
    Angela and Renee

  2. Fabulous space! The detail is phenomenal!

  3. Awesome. My daughter lives in NYC on the lower east side with two room-mates in a teeny tiny space. This apartment is so large and light filled. Road trip!!

  4. Hi Renae,

    "Soho" stands for south of Houston Street (pronounced how - ston in New York).

  5. Love the first few images, it's so inviting you don't feel like your in a typical cavernous loft.

  6. Looks so fresh! Love all the light and color - just perfect!


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