Project Monday

Working on the garden still
I have a plan (really!)
actually love terra cotta
but just not here, oops too white
found some green from my closet redo,
 much better!
I love hibiscus but they don't fare well in GA over the winter.  I brought one indoors this past winter and it survived. I love the twisted  trunk on this one!
Plants loosely placed, still need to add a couple of more shrub type in the back before I get to digging. I'm loving the white garden so far, it will be so pretty once it's matured a bit.
Tara Dillard says the color in our garden should be an extension of what's in our home.
So from the family room window
 a little color - my grass is still recovering from winter, my not so patient self is wishing it would hurry up! It's so ugly right now.
The pot in back turned out so well
two for the front

Have you ever seen a hibiscus like this? It's call hibis-kiss! The colors are scrumptious.
I promise to not bore you anymore with this....well until it's grown up a bit!

Do you want to make your house a lovely home?
Call MD here.


  1. Ooooh. A white garden. I love a white garden! Happy spring! Your grass will green out before you know it!

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  3. i still can't get over all that you have done.
    you better watch out,
    i might run away from home,
    and come to visit you!!

    love xx

  4. Your pots turned out beautifully!

  5. The pots AND flowers are gorgeous, Renae!

    So great to meet you this past week, and thanks for coming to volunteer your time with Room Service Atlanta as we toiled at the Nicholas House. We never could've gotten everything accomplished without you all! :)


  6. Renae! You have been working hardm the retaining wall looks great and how beautiful when all those flowers bloom. how do you have the time with all that cycling. WE have had rain here for the past month(every day) so I am behind on my cycling and gardening plans(I am not a good cycler on slick roads). Soon, soon I hope, need to work off 10 lbs and it is the only thing that works for me. Much love XO

  7. Such a pretty entry. I love unusual plants. All your effort is so worth it.


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