Project Monday...Garden

 From my garden inspiration mentioned here and here, we are raising a flower bed by building a stone wall. 

This is what we inherited... 

sound familiar?

Mr. MD measuring, leveling, staking, and digging. The yard slopes down so the 'stone man' is going to come and level for us. Mr. MD started the wall where it will be leveled to for phase II, a flagstone patio.
It really is harder to keep level than one might think. Finding just the right width stone to 'fit' next to the other takes such a long time. 
This is what we have so far with about 4 more rows to go.

You see the empty palate to the left?  The 'stone guy' could only drop it in the yard 'so far', so this ole gal got the trusty wheelbarrow and moved every one of that 'one ton' to the pile you see. 

The inspiration...this is mortared and ours is natural. I am itching to get the dirt moved in and start creating!

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  1. Oh Dayum! I KNOW what that feels like! Ouch! But HOW gorgeous is THAT going to be?! Seriously!

  2. I know the hard will work will bring a real good profit at the end.
    Mud and dirt will turn into one gorgeous jardin.

    Take care of your back, dear!

  3. Renae this is going to be gorgeous! It is sooooo much work I know, but will be well worth it. Can't wait to see it all pretty and planted. Mona

  4. Wow, that is a lot of work! I bet it will turn out so beautiful, you'll never come inside again!
    Lila Ferraro

  5. This is a beautiful project, very well done!


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