I'm back mostly still have a scanner issue but this ole girl will get it figured out!
In the meantime, I have been reading and planning for some facelifting in the garden.

I am not a gardner, but I like pretty
and am willing to learn!

It really is amazing how much reading one can do when there is not a screen to look at.

Mr. MD and I are playing in the dirt, raising  an area for flowers and doing a little stone work.

I love the manicured wild garden.
Make sense? That type A personality of mine gets me every time!

We are contemplating how to make our home in a subdivision more private.

After living from Kodiak to Miami, one gets a bit confused about what grows best where.

I wonder what I will finally decide on?
Lots of color or a variety of whites and greens?

The birdies will not get left out.

Some architectural detail most definitely.

Having a cutting garden appeals to me greatly.

 I love having beautiful flowers inside.

Knowing what to plant when

so it's pretty all season.

We had these bleeding hearts in Sitka, AK, I wonder if they grow in Georgia. 
Something tells me no.

You have to know cycling is on my mind! I have put in quite a number of miles in the past couple of weeks enjoying the sunshine and training for a metric century (62 miles)in May!

How is your garden growing?

I would love to help you make your house a lovely home.  Contact me here.

Images courtesy, Country Living, Veranda, Southern Living



  1. Hi Renae,
    I guess we share the same interest now, my garden will so need a's in a terrible shape after the hard construction work
    and a most horrible winter.

    Also great fun to plan the garden!

    Our son is doing fine in SF, hubby just got back after a visit last week. Thanks for asking my friend.

    My best,

  2. Lovely Renae.... It makes me want to get my backyard in shape for Spring. Although, with all the rain that California has been getting lately, we need quite a drying out period before I can even contemplate that! :)

    ~Becky @ Harmony and Home

  3. Manicured & wild are my favorite combinations in the garden! We think alike. Love love love these photos!
    xo Lisa

  4. Gorgeous...Gardening on the mind here too! But put my back out using the machete on the bananas...I need a garden guy!

    Lovely inspiration shots!!

  5. renae

    you have really outdone yourself on this post.
    it is beautiful.
    i would love to be able to grow peonies
    and tulips....but as you know....
    i am stuck in florida


  6. No cycling yet, still too cold but hopefully in the next week (before my hips seize up). Don't forget to plant Peonies, they are easy. Happy planting and am jealous of your weather and mileage. XO

  7. Renae!!
    I just love the designs of a well arranged garden, be it relaxed, or tailored with just the right piece that anchors the garden with a personal piece that calls out the soulfulness of the one tending to it.

    As an interior designer in the decor of Estate Model Homes, I love taking vintage European pieces into the home adding that right piece of history, honest, and integral.

    Thank you for your comment On the shepherds huts /wagons, I too would love to have one to adorn the garden, and a place to rest the eye's on.

    Thank you much,
    Will be back for more inspiration!!

  8. My garden consists of only a single potted tomato plant and a desert rose plant, but I pamper the both! I know you will create a beautiful garden, Renae! Have a great week. xo

  9. Gardening is about all I can think about right now, so besides everything else we have going on I've got a really full plate. Love, love a cutting garden. And gates always add a sense of mystery as to what lies beyond. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  10. Gorgeous! I know it gets confusing what grows where when you move. I am just so excited about the fragrant roses that are blooming in abundance in our tiny I have them in vases in my house.
    Come see the flower arrangements from the shower we just did. I think you will like them.

  11. I am so ready to start gardening...I just don't have a place to do it! I pour over all the books and daydream about homesteading. *sigh* maybe someday!

  12. I just found your blog. It is a lovely place to visit. Your photos are beautiful. I'll be back again. Have a great day.

  13. Beautiful a manicured space with a cutting garden. I can see the buds on my roses excited for the first blooms!!


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