Please Hold, Experiencing Technical Difficulties

How is it that on one evening, one can shut down her computer and the next morning wake up to this?

Yup, computer crash, cannot do a thing about it except go directly to the Apple store and hand over one's life.

Here 'one' is sitting at Mr. MD's laptop which is sort of like playing guitar left handed (for this right hand girl). 

'One' tried loading software for the printer/scanner onto hubby's computer - not compatible.  Figures.

So now what?  
How did we run our lives before we had computers? I would say darned well.  BUT now everything in this household is virtually paperless, oy.

It's pouring down rain and the wind blowing sideways here.  Hope it's better where you are!
I hope my 'life' comes back soon!

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  1. Really sorry to read about your computer woes. Actually February started with a virus on the doctor's computer which lead to buying a new one who was up and running for two weeks until the power supply blew two days ago.

    It really does overshadow things....

  2. Deep breath! I feel your pain and I am sooo sick of cumputer issues...oh and cars too! :)

  3. so sorry for you Renae...that so sucks...sounds like you are putting it in perspective :) We will miss you if you go away for too long!

  4. Always sympathetic when this happens. Hope it gets sorted soonest...

  5. Oh Renae I am sorry! We are all lost without our techology. My computer is giving the occasional error message & shutdown/ running slow even though I have most pics on a flashdrive!

    I think I need more memory or SOMETHING!

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    Art by Karena

  6. i am not sure if there are many things worse than computer issues!!

  7. I am so so sorry. It just make me cringe to think about it. Hopefully you are almost back! Mona

  8. I totally get it, amazing how helpless we feel without our technology :)

  9. I wouldn't know how I would feel if that happens to me, but I'll probably rant a little and feel real down...
    Anyways, the images look so cool and cute ♥

  10. This post looks hopefully the issue is resolved. Very scary though. Do you have a hard drive back up. I bought one finally.

  11. I feel for you, Renae. I recently had my PC out of commission for almost a week and was beside myself! Glad you are up and running again! Hugs!


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