Thinking today of my boys who are now grown

and have Valentines of their own

I dug in my box of mementoes 

and saw their hearts 

as they grew.

Their sweetness and love of 'mom'

went from drawings to the electronic age.

Then to 'grown up' cards.

If you've had little boys in your life, you know there is always an abundance of 'air'. : )

Even though the boys have grown, there is this 'one boy' who has been around and put up with me for 32 years!


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful post! So sweet and those boys are the best aren't they? XO

  2. i adore this post.
    it is better than any others!!!

    maybe that's just cuz i luv ya xxx

  3. Luv this post!!!

    Hi tech world of today....I had a live card on Skype.


  4. I have 3 "little boys" actually make it 4 (hubby) so I know all about the wonderful world of boys and wouldnt' trade it for the world! Enjoyed this post and walking down memory lane with you..oh boy, to go back...would do it in a heartbeat!
    Enjoyed poking around your newer to blogging, started my own about the buillding of our home and my passion for decor/design. Would love you to visit me! Doing my first giveway, a gorgeous french

    Take care!


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