My favorite flowers are tulips, sunflowers and hydrangeas.  
Carnations are not a 'go to' for me.

But honestly when I was perusing 
Coastal Living

and saw the ways these were put together

I had to change my mind a bit.

These certainly are not the long stemmed red version we all got as teenagers. I adore these pink to saturated purple hues.

Cute, eh?

Do you do carnations?

all photos:  Jean Allsop
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  1. I don't do carnations..............but I will now!.XO

  2. not my favorite
    but i do love the way they smell.
    the topiaries are adorable,
    and why didn't jane do that?

    love you

  3. Oh, I like carnations. They are inexpensive and they last a long time!

  4. I agree with Sande, I didn't but will thanks to your post Renae. Carnation growers across the country will be jumping for joy for that spread in Coastal Living. I do love the smell of them.

    Thank you Renae, I'm looking at carnations in a whole different light!

    Happy weekend my dear, xo xo from the girls in Houston

  5. Like you, I hate red carnations, but some of the better colors are actually quite pretty and the best part is that they're so long-lasting. Have a great weekend, Sweet Friend! xo

  6. I feel the same way! I have always hated carnations. But as you say these inventive tight arrangements are not the long stemmed versions we saw as teenagers. I massed red ones in antique gold olive jars during the holidays and they were wonderful.

  7. Oh! I ever did not thought that carnations may be sooo beautiful. Awesome composition

  8. These are pretty....certainly not what we are always used to seeing. Ax

  9. I love carnations. I think the white ones smell the best but the yellow ones are my favorite color.Really like your blog!

  10. Hi Renae,
    Normally no, however these are beautiful...Eddie Ross style!

    Art by Karena

  11. We can always count on you for creative ideas -- love all these floral inspirations -- the watermelon is so cool. Hope you are well...snow in NYC today. xo tamara

  12. Hope you're having a good week, Sweetie! xx

  13. i have come to like them... and their fragrance is really fresh and clean... xoxo

  14. Very nice! It is great to see some flower arranging inspiration!
    I hope you are having a great week!

  15. Why....would you just LOOK at those ole' carnations showin us what it IS!!

    I may have changed my mind too!

  16. I do love carnations. Strangely enough their scent is my favorite part. In a week or so we'll be putting carnations into glasses of green food coloring in preparation for St Patricks's Day.

  17. The humble carnation never looked so good! these are great! thanks for posting...



  18. I have always loved carnations. What's not to love? They have such a wonderful spicy clove scent, they last forever, they can be any color, and they're sweetly ruffled and just plain pretty --undeniably so! I guess it's because people perceive them as "common", but honestly that endears them to me all the more. Really, I think I identify with that dear dianthus!



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