Project Monday...Framing

I know it's Tuesday but Monday got entirely away from me.  Do you have framing that you need to get done but keep putting it off?  When I was cleaning out my office closet I came across my 'stash'.  

Well over a year ago I bought these water colors from Fifi Flowers.  If you haven't been to her blog, it's definitely a 'go to' stop, she is one talented sistah!

Framing is an investment in itself and not willing to make that investment right now I came up with 'faux' matting and ready made vintage look frames.

Black poster board cut to the same size as the glass.

Prints measured and marked

and trimmed evenly all the way around.

Double stick tape

 with print centered on the poster board.

Not bad eh?  Unfortunately the glass is not non-glare which is my preference.

Erma overseeing the whole process, she's such a good helper!

This print wasn't making it in a guest room...

...not bad for eye-balling it! 
Mr. MD, my handyman was fortunately at work, because he would have had the tape measure or laser beam out.

Nice addition don't you think?

Do you want your house to be a lovely home?  
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  1. Me does think!! You clever woman you. I am a huge Fifi fan, and have purchased few of her prints to frame for gifts. Your guests will never want to leave as your guestroom will be so charming with their new addition. You got much done my dear!

    Hope your Tuesday has been equally as productive?!I went to the Houston Charity Shop for the first time, thought I was going to have a stroke!! How I wish you had been with me.
    xo xo Deb

  2. Nice framing......I remember you helping out your son a while ago.
    I can picture my handyman as well, he loves his tools!

    Renae, you do have a sweet dog.

    I've just finished today's skyping helping my son decorating his new studio, works quite well with the camera running. Never thought I'd be consulted back home but .... always a mom.

    All the best to you,

  3. yes i see.
    you did a great job.
    i wish i could get motivated to do the same.

  4. The prints are beautiful and look great in your guest room. I'm impressed that you framed them yourself. I would have marched off to the store with them. I should try it sometime. I'm just not real crafty. I think that is better defined as not very patient!

  5. Yes, I do have framing on "the list" and these look fantastic and make the room so cheerful!

  6. Great idea for framing. I too have a ton of prints waiting for a mat and frame.

    I'd like to share another frugal framing solution with you. If you have a minute, check out my blog post where I framed some shell book plates for less than $20 each.

  7. You a wonderfull women i ever seen...You are inspiration to all ... me become a fan of ur prints to frame for gifts....I think ur guest love to come ur home to stay in ur Amazing place... Great!!!


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