Textile Geek

My name is Renae Moore and I am a 'textile geek'.

Madeline Weinrib, a NY textile designer, designs with boldness and vivid colour.

It's hard to choose favorites...

...as one can see many different design stories.

Black and white usually call my name...

...but these lighter colours can add a freshness to most any room.

Not only does Madeline design fabrics, 

but fabulous rugs as well.
she started out as a painter in 1998...

...and did her first rug collection almost as a lark.

I wish I wish I wish she would open a showroom in ATL.

She now has a boutique on the 6th floor of 
ABC Carpet and Home
which was founded by her grandfather Max Weinrib.

Did I tell you I adore her designs?

Since her fabrics are to the trade, you see anything you likey,
I will get it for you!

Classic all 'done up'!

Cool chair, not sure how comfy!

Fleur de lis always reminds me of New Orleans.

She has taken her fabrics to these cute clutch purses.  

How about a warm persimmon?

...or apple green?  (my fave)

table linens

this past spring, she introduce a line of wallpaper

Here is Miss Weinrib admiring Marimekko on the Upper East Side in NY and 
showing how you can cut any of these fabrics to desired length and use as a table cloth.

NY Times

Be sure and visit MR's website here and look at all of her fabulous designs.

If you would like your home to be filled with happiness every time you walk in
contact me for online or in-home consultations!

Happy Weekend.



  1. Hi Renae,

    I see what you mean..or in better words - there's one more geek over here.
    I'm getting in the mood to go back to work in a month or so.....back to my textiles. I must say I miss them!

    Have a great weekend you too!


  2. Gorgeous...Gorgeous...Gorgeous/

    And those little clutches...perfectly edible they are so cute!

  3. Beautiful fabrics and I love those adorable clutches.

  4. A perfect day would be to roll myself up in her fabric or perhaps a carpet and just stay there for awhile..ha! I'm crazy for her work. Like you said Renae, the patterns the colors; all good, really good. So interesting how she admires Marimekko, which is another iconic favorite. I have to thank you for your sweet comment you left on my blog. You are always very thoughtful & so kind & can't tell you what that means to me. If the house sells we are moving for a few years to bonnie Scotland, can you believe it? You could come visit me there! Have a lovely week Renae xx

  5. Love that persimmon ikat purse. I have so many great things I can wear with that!

  6. wow
    quite a post.

    you know the beginning of my life in design started in textiles.

    and.... when are WE going to nyc' ABC store?
    wouldn't that be a hoot???

    love xx

  7. Love her designs. The horn chair with the black and white is really pretty cool!

  8. Hi Renae! Love that black blotched gilded chair...I'll take that! Textile love...a sickness! XO Trish

  9. I SO love Madeline's style, Renae! Hope you are staying reasonably cool and having a great week. xx

  10. Love that kind of colour! It's so striking!

  11. Love Madeline's designs and those clutches are fabulous!!

    New Giveaway is on my site!

    Art by Karena

  12. i am right there with ya sweetie... i am so happy to be spending several hours at ABC next friday.... cannot wait... and will be hitting all floors.. and spinning around like a kid in a candy store... xoxo

  13. and would love to meet you there.. and miss renee... xoxo


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