Project Monday and Styling by the VAMP

This image is the 'after' because I forgot to take the 'before'.  
You can get the gist anyway. 

The table (from the now defunct Bombay) was a brown varnish and the chair was just your basic bamboo color.  REPO bamboo, don't get all crazy on me thinking I would paint vintage art deco. 


You can paint flat paint over a varnish and then go back and paint gloss over the flat!
That's the cheater's way of NOT stripping and sanding, etc!

Update on the lampshades too.

My living room is a definite work in progress.  
It started out this way....

Wall colour, which I inherited and OK for a while, needed a bit updating. 
Not that it is a bad colour, but my furniture just looked 'off'.

I had just used SW Ramie in a client's home and one Sunday afternoon I went out and got a couple of gallons and got 'to it'!

I like the lighter wall colour!
Thought I would try arranging the furniture this way.... or NOT.

Well along came to town, the Visual Vamp, Valorie Hart and we got busy re-styling the space.
She is THE best.  :)

She took a shopping trip around my home and gave me a fresh new look!  We found the canvas at the Ballard outlet, not bad!

It's still ongoing as the buffet lamps are just too tall, need to pull down a bit and I am still in need of art or something over the sofa, and an area rug to pull the space in.  
Check out my post on the plantation chairs here. since recovered.  
You can see my two painted projects on the backside of the room.
Eventually the glass coffee table from the FR will come in here and something a bit more 
'foot worthy' will go in there.

Where did the buffet table go?

to the entry....

Just what the space needed!
Thanks Valorie!


  1. The table and chair came out great!
    Thanks for the shout out! I'll move furniture with you anytime!
    xo xo

  2. Isn't it great to get another eye to look at things? The two of you did a great job. That's why I like working with my sister. We are so honest with each other and one picks up where the other leaves off.

  3. Love the "new" room. It's amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can do!

  4. lookin' good.

    valerie has done her voodoo again!!
    and i love it.

  5. Always fun to shake it up a bit!!! LOVE the black painted furniture!

  6. You are SO good at what you do! I'm learning so much from your posts. We are doing alot of updating to our house in Mobile so i need lots of tips! we are moving there this Friday. How long is Mike there?

  7. You two make a great re-designing duo. Looks terrific!! Love that Val.

  8. Mona...
    It IS so much fun to have another set of eyes especially like those of the VAMP!

  9. How FUN and it's looking good!!!

  10. Wow, I love it, Renae! You and Valorie did a great job - the lighter color looks smashing. xo

  11. Love!! This post looks so familiar to me?!?! My painter said he had to use lacquer on mine. Not sure why.


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