Things I Like

My Mom recently handed down to me...

...what was at one point handed down to her...

two beautiful chairs...heirlooms.

the fabric will be changed....

the wood will be cleaned up

and I will enjoy treasures that my Grandfather - who had an eye for all things beautiful - chose.

From my understanding, the medallion on the top of the chairs has to do with the name of the plantation from where they came. Do any of you know anything more about this type of furniture? I have searched endlessly on the Internet to find out more and I just am not hitting it.


  1. I don't mind hand me downs when they look like this. These chairs are so beautiful and I can't wait to see how you finish them. Do keep me updated with the new look.

  2. These are awesome Renae.. how exciting that they have sooo much history. You have to post a story when you find out where they are from! I'll see what i can dig up.

  3. Hi Renae, Gorgeous chair! What lovely chairs to inherit! That's really interesting about the medallion on the top...never knew that!

  4. Very pretty. And I second Vitania's suggestion that you post whatever you find about their origins.

  5. Lovely, it will be fun to see where you place them!


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