Squirrel Feeder

I just looked out and this is what I saw....

This little feller as fat as he is found a way to get on the bird feeder.

We were sure we placed it out of reach for these conniving little creatures.

Tell me HOW? It's over 4 feet off the ground.



  1. how cute!
    i know he is a nuisance,
    but there is no doubt about it they are adorable.
    get out your video camera and try this:
    put a book of matches out on the bird bath with
    a glob of peanut butter inside. when he picks it up and starts to lick off the peanut butter it looks just like he is reading a book.
    do it and post it!!!!
    it will be a huge success.

    love you

  2. How cute...those crazy little squirrels!! The matchbook idea sounds like fun...like putting tape on the bottom of cats paws.



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