Snow, Pooches, and the Beach

Growing up in southern California, snow days were not something in the vocabulary. I can remember going to the beach in December.
This year our friends across the country have experienced more than their fare share.

New York



Washington, DC


even Atlanta had snow!

And more places in between.


Is Your Pooch Properly Dressed?

Baby it's cold outside!

neoprene for boys...

...and girls

Poochy Uggs

Poochy Rainboots

It's time to get warm!
Let's head to 'The Don'

The Don Cesar, that is, on St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

This beautiful hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places,
also known as the "Pink Lady" and can be seen so splendidly from up and down the beach.

a renowned oceanfront retreat is a favorite among many from all over the world, and moi too!

I say we friends rendezvous here and get warm together.

we can lounge by the pool

or sit on the beach,
aaahhh, the beautiful white sand of west coast Florida beaches

if you are not crazy about sand, lounge here where the view is spectacular
and get a massage too!

we can meet for refreshing 'adult' beverages in the beautiful lounge that overlooks the beautiful coast

the rooms are appointed in beautiful Florida style and colours

before retiring, doesn't this chocolate raspberry bread pudding look scrumptious?

So what do you say? Leave the kids with the Mr's and let's have a weekend away!


  1. the doggy boots rock my world...and make me really smile.

  2. ...Um, the only prob with heading this way (FL) is it was 30 degrees last night...and my bouganvillea froze!

    The doggie couture is the bomb, though!

  3. I love all the beautiful snowy pics - everything looks so pure!

    A Vacation would be great - but for now it will have to be virtual...:-)

  4. Oh my gosh Renae...our most recent post titles are so much the same...
    yet funny.
    Thanks for reminding that I'm not the only one who thinks of their animal as the baby of the silly animal lovers can be. Thank you also for the beautiful snowy and sandy pics!
    I miss the beach too!

  5. Your images are all so beautiful and dignified....I especially love the horses. If you want to be humored by the weather...stop by! :)

  6. the little yellow booties? this post made my night... now i can go to sleep... and have sweet dreams... xx pam

  7. I wonder if Ugg's would concider making puppy boots, really comfy ones. This winter it's the only thing working for me....I even spotted sneakers with insides of shearling in the store the other day.

    Anyway, my kitty is ok again, but even if this is a cold place this winter, there is no chance in the world he will put anything on while taking his short strolls outside.....fuzzy little darling of mine!

    Take care,

  8. Oh, you're speaking my language! I love to escape!

  9.; You saved my day again.


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