Meet Renee Finberg!

She (here she is with designer Miles Redd) is one of my very first bloggy friends and a very talented designer that grew up around the design industry. She walks her talk.
We have much in common, shared many a telephone conversation and I can truly call her "friend." I am amazed at all we have in common and know if we lived closer (she's in Boca Raton, FL and I'm in Atlanta, GA) we would sure get into some trouble. If you have not 'met' her you must stop by here and get to know this woman who is full of wit and wisdom. Be sure and stop here to see her 20 Secrets to Happiness, words we can all live by!

Renee passed on this Kreativ Blogger Award to me to share 7 things about myself.

I posted a few things once before here so I had to reach deep to find a few more tidbits, so here goes...

1. The first thing I do when I get up is head straight for the coffee pot and sit with a hot cup and read from My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers and the Bible.

2. I workout every day except weekends.

3. Punctuality is the utmost of importance....I am always early.

4. Good manners are a must.

5. A treat for myself is a '1-pump mocha with skim milk and whip cream!' :>)

6. I am fiercely loyal. Friends are so very important to me and I will travel far and wide to spend time with them!

7. I spend quite a bit of time alone due to DH travels and being new in a community. It usually takes 2+ years for me to find my niche in a new place, mid-year this year will be 2 years.
Think about how long you have lived in your community, when was the last time you reached out to someone new?

So now I pass this on to 7 other creative bloggers:

Now it's your turn to do as i have done - pass along!

XO Renae


  1. Hi Renae
    Here are my 7
    1. I can't start my day without my cup of coffee. I installed a Miele coffee machine in my new kitchen so I didn't have to run out in the morning to Starbuck's.
    2. I am a 'white snob.' You can read my post
    3. Nicole, my 4 pound Yorkie goes to work with me every day.
    4. I love a good laugh.
    5. I iron for relaxation, I find it meditative.
    6. For my next vacation I want to travel across Mongolia by train.
    7 .....and I would like to be rich enough to travel in the space shuttle to the space station and hang out in outer space.

  2. Renae,
    Thank you for tagging me!!!

  3. Nice to get to know you better! The first thing I do is put my coffee pot on!


  4. thank you for tagging me and I feel so honored to be among so many great bloggers!

    my 7:

    1. I recieved a BFA in illustration and did free lance work for hallmark, I later, worked in the cartoon syndicating world, working w/ people like Gary Larson, "Far-Side", and Bill Watterson- "Calvin and Hobbs"

    2. I've had a minimum of five (close) friends named Ally since I was in high school.

    3. I've lived in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Los Angeles.

    4. I love to cook for my family and friends. Sitting down to a home cook meal, every night is incredibly important to me.

    5. I don't mind bugs or slithery things, but I'm Horribly fearful of touching fish and birds. they're fine from afar.

    6. I really wish I could learn to surf, I keep trying and own the cutest board, but I'm just not getting it. Someday!

    7. I do crossword puzzles daily

    there ya go! I tried to add some random things that I don't think I've share before.

    Thanks Renae!


  5. Renae,
    My first visit, Great post and Congratulations on Kreative Blog award.
    I love Renee too. That's my only Child.


  6. omg...
    i can't believe i am here AFTER my mom just left.
    i swear, she's stalking me!!! :)

    i can't believe this...
    you are sooo sweet.
    shucks renae,
    thank you for the mention.

    xxxx :)

  7. Allo Renae!

    Here are some facts about moi

    1. Must have cafe creme daily!

    2. I'm addicted to my iPhone... and playing Bejeweled on it!

    3. I wear flip flops just about EVERYDAY!

    4. J'adore painting with a French/Parisian flair!

    5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE music... and I LOVE to sing even MORE!

    6. I'm a procrastinator!

    7. I ADORE being at home!

    I did it... YEA!!!

  8. Renee is so adorable! and beautiful too. I love her sense of humor. Her blog is the real thing - where she exposes herself for all to read. I love her honesty!

  9. Renee F. is so gorgeous and sweet! I loved reading your 7 things! I start my day the exact same way, too! Have a great weekend, sweet friend. xo


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