In the Spirit of Giving

It is far easier to give than to receive.

As I get older I am trying to learn the value in being a gracious receiver so that other's may have the joy of giving.

Sweet Lisa of The Lisa Porter Collection very kindly sent me
The Honest Scrap Award.

It is intended to find out some interesting tidbits about the recipient. I do think we bloggers are an interesting lot.

Lisa is one of the most warm, kindhearted and loving bloggy friends I know! She is one talented lady, and beautiful watercolorist. She is a mom extraordinaire to two teenagers and one tail wagger and her Mr. is one lucky man!

I have moved over 40 times thanks to Dad and DH being in the military, I treasure friendship.

2. I earned First Class Girl Scout (same as Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts) now called the GS Gold Award.

3. I have a degree in 'cello performance and have studied opera as well as jazz and have sung in a USO show.

4. "What Season are You?" Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn?
Yep, you guessed it!
"Color Me Beautiful" consultant and speaker.

5. I was a personal trainer for 17+ years.

6. I have done 5 triathlons...sprint distance.

. I do not primp.

8. I will usually try just about anything once.

9. I believe in the art of note writing and keep lots of pretty papers including some I have purchased from bloggy friends.

10. Most importantly...I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Some lovely friends I have met and I know you would like to meet as well. I would like to present the Honest Scrap Award to:


  1. Renae,
    I thought I knew you pretty well but you never cease to amaze me! My goodness, triathlons & the cello! You are so very talented. I think most Girl Scouts are. I never got past being a Blue Bird and you know why, because we also moved so much & I was a shy one. Anyway, thank you for your very kind comments & I know your readers will so enjoy finding that there is even more to love about Renae!
    xo Lisa

  2. Merci Renae...I am honored! That's not you in the picture with the cello, is it? What an incredibly adorable picture. I'm impressed with your fitness background as well. I go whole hog on hiking/running the hills nearby for months, then slack off, then start off again. I could have used a military background. Trish

  3. Renae, how fascinating! Your background is full of surprises and big accomplishments!

  4. I agree w/Karena; you are very accomplished in many different fields.

  5. sweetness...
    can you give me a day ????
    xxx i loved yours.

    you a singer....? wow.
    i was just singing in the car, with the top down on the way home.
    -never in front of an audience.
    the guy in the car next to me at the red light was enough for me.
    actually more than i could handle

    wow wee.
    i am impressed with you in so many ways.
    you got god and the ciello.
    pretty fabulous stuff.
    we should all be so blessed.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing.We can not say enough about how sweet and kind Lisa Porter is. She is one blogger in a million.

  7. sophie dahy designsNovember 19, 2009 at 1:16 PM

    What fun, Renae! My dad was career Navy, and I moved all my life too. I have never counted the moves and am not sure I would be able to.

  8. Lovely varied interests as your profile says, really talented!

    Many thanks for the award, truly honoured.

  9. r. I loved getting to know you a bit better...thanks

  10. Renae,
    You are so multitalented! It was so fun to learn more about the exceptional person you are. You're a sweetheart! xo

  11. Renae, I'm sorry to be so late to thank you for the award! And after reading your fun facts about yourself, I'm feeling completely inadequate so I'll have to give some thought to what I think anyone wants to know about boring old me! ; )


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