What's on your wish-list?

Do YOU have a wish-list?

My son's girlfriend's family (
whom he will be with over Christmas and away from us for the first time, VERY sad for this mom) does an Amazon wish-list.

Since I want to add to my library AND am dying to read the latest, HOTTEST, design books,

I clicked on over and created one! Very easy to do.

So how do you know what has been purchased to make sure there are no duplicates? I wondered that as well, until I purchased a few for my son off of his list and went back to SEE what happened.

They are REMOVED from the list so no mistakes can be made. How clever is that? Of course the wish-maker has NO idea WHO may have wrapped it up for them!

Of course many of you know that there are an overwhelming abundance of "things" that can be purchased from Amazon.

So not only are some of the HOTTEST design books on my list but also something that will make my bicycle rides much more interesting.
I hope I do not need a MASTER'S degree to work the Garmin GPS for cyclists with heart rate monitor! It fastens right on the handle bars and will tell me all SORTS of good things!

And PINK is my VERY favorite good smelly lotion.
I prefer lotion over perfume as it stays on longer!



  1. R-
    just get 2 of everything.
    we have the same tastes.
    don't be sad. call me instead, i will make you laugh. i promise.

    merry Christmas

  2. Call me too!
    Make it a conference call and all of can share a laugh and a glass of bubbly!
    xo xo

  3. How about a long distance call, tricky part is the time zone.

    Love the list thing....I can never say no to a good book, that's why I'm drowning in them.


  4. I love the wish list idea. It's so much easier for you to list what you want when you think about it instead of looking like a dope when your mother in law asks what you want and you draw a blank and end up getting the same thing you got last year (Starbucks gift card) because you can't remember. I speak from experience as you can tell. :)


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