Entryway Perfection

This entry speaks to me.

The millwork is stunning. I love the contrasting dark with light. The wooden doors with two tones has "feel me" quality. The settee blends in so as not to distract from all the design elements. We are fortunate to have some great millwork in our home including transom windows, makes we want to paint.

TALK to me, what do you think?
What speaks to you?
I only wish the image was larger to take in the high ceilings.



  1. no kidding....
    i love love love this space.

  2. High ceiling and sweeping stairs always speak to me. Ax

  3. The space is way too much for this simple gal. I don't like all the contrast...I think the furniture is too small too. but would'nt life me dull if we all liked the same things. I hope you and yours has a very merry christmas my friend!

  4. I think there's just a little to much millwork going on, they could have done it with less embellishments I think. It is very stunning!

  5. Hi Renae
    Beautiful space!!!
    Wishing you a happy holiday season.
    Kind Regards

  6. Hi Renae. You're so lucky to have millwork, transoms...love the photo above. I wouldn't paint the wood dark because 1) I'm a coward 2) I'd probably change my mind and have to spend months/years removing the dark paint. Wish I was more daring! Trish

  7. Perfection is right! I love the black, ornate doorway leading to the living room! Such a fantastic detail in a gorgeous space!

    Happy to have found your lovely blog :)


  8. It looks like an elegant wedding cake to me!

    Sleeping in speaks to me...but I am off to the dark cold ocean for a morning walk.

  9. I am an entry hall "lover"! To me it is as an invitation card you give to someone! The entry is so important! Because it is the first glimpse into your home! I always says that to be in the entry hall of one's home is the first impression that you have about the people living in that house and you really learn to know them right away by looking at this place of their house!

    Wonderful entry hall here!!!

    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2010!!


  10. Your blog is gorgeous and inspiring!
    I've added you to my favourite blog list, ok?!
    Happy christmas,

  11. That is a GORGEOUS entry!
    Hope all is well with you and you family!
    Merry Christmas... ENJOY!


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