We all make mistakes.

But we don't LIKE to.

Clashing colours...(I know I am American, but I like the way the Brits, Canadians and Europeans spell colour...I WAS born in England, good enough for me.)

Picture from Colour Me Happy blog written by Maria Killam, go here to see
why the colours in the sofa and walls has to do with UNDERTONES.

We ARE Professionals.


MY design project in northern Virginia, wall colour and silk drapes CLASH.


New wall colour chosen. All WILL BE well.

Cut my own bangs today...tired of them in my eyes.... choppy and uneven, feel like kindergardner...sigh.

I now know why Atlanta is called "hot-lanta". Hot flashes and hot weather do not jive.

Can you say "sweatball"?


A happy place....and Friday Flowers!

I found these hydrangeas on the back side of a bush in my yard....why aren't they on the front?

I brought back some hydrangeas from friends in DC and added them to my dried collection above my sink.

...for as long as I can remember I have had a dried collection of flowers from different
times and events in a place for me to see. I wonder WHY I want dead flowers...


  1. So sorry to hear about this clashing.....

    I once had to have a room repainted because I failed to take into account the effect sunlight would have on the yellow color I'd chosen. If we hadnt repainted, you would have needed sunglasses when in that room :)

    Bangs look good.

    Love hydrangeas.... I keep trying to grow some.

  2. Your Friday flowers are wonderful....I just love Hydrangeas!!!! You are a brave girl to cut your own bangs! I think they look pretty darn good too ;o)

  3. Yes....we designers are not perfect...sigh. But design is a subjective thing.

    So nice to have had a visit from you at my little blog. I am glad to have found yours!

    And I love a good hydrangea.:)

  4. Your bangs look good. I like that irregular, jagged fringed look. Too straight across makes for a cartooney picture.


  5. A comment from you always makes me smile!

    I like your bangs! This weather does cause drastic behavior, doesn't it?

  6. Renae, I hope you all are getting the fabulous fall-like weather we are having today. Hard to believe it's July!

  7. R-
    we would have made quite a pair on fri.
    i was in the same sort of 'venting mood'. if you follow my meaning.

    thank you for your support this week.
    love you xx
    ps you have some long eyelashes girl!!!

  8. That's venting...mine is 10 times are the sweetest...even when you ARE venting!! LOL

  9. HI Renae,
    Thanks for the mention!! Trust me, as long as anyone is in the business of specifying colour it goes that way sometimes. It's impossible to predict EVERY TIME how it's going to go. Thanks for sharing your mistakes with us too, it's what makes us human and it is always so endearing when you share yourself because it creates space for everyone else to make a mistake and share it too!!

  10. Ok...Loving your bangs...Clash my Ash...well maybe...but what do I know!

    Fun post! Real!

  11. This is a funny and honest post! I LOVE it!
    Life is both awkward and beautiful and they
    often don't clash but complement one another. How would we know beauty without awkward?In your awkwardness--that you confessed-- you are more beautiful--as well!

    Good job on the bangs--I think they are splendid--
    I started cutting mine when I was 4 and haven't stopped yet!

  12. Hi Renae,

    kind of a cute post...about venting and colours, I see what you mean.

    I guess we all end up in this drama once in a while....and decorating to perfection takes time, right!

    Don't worry about your bangs... look great by me.


  13. I agree - color is tough!!!

    cute blog.


  14. Oh well - color is so subjective.. I've always had a problem with the "rules" ;-)

    I trim my bangs too - a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

    P.S I added you to my Blog Candy page. (((hugs)))

  15. I love that you want to spell colour like an Australian!

    I also cut my own fringe (as we call bangs??), and have discovered the secret - hold it up in the air - straight up with your fingers (like the hairdresser does) and cut only a little off at a time - use your first cut as your guide line.

    Love the hydrangeas - they always remind me of my grandmother who had amazing hydrangea bushes outside her house in Tasmania.


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