Bill Ingram, Beautiful Lake Home

There is something about being on the water to me that is so refreshing. All the smells and sounds of life other than our own, the rising or setting of the sun, or just the tranquility of sitting out in the evenings and enjoying the stillness of the water.

We all read the same design magazines and different articles speak to each of us differently. The current issue of Southern Accents has a delightful spread on Birmingham, AL, architect Bill Ingram's Lake Martin home southeast of the city.

An outdoor tablescape done right...notice the TALL iron candelabras so not to obstruct conversation at the table? This setting is perfect for Spring or Fall...less heat and no bugs, but in the summertime it can be taken inside to the screened porch. Can't you just hear lively conversation echoing off the lake?

I like very much the style of this living area. Ingram says it's the hub of the house, with a beamed ceiling of bleached cypress, antique oak floors (to die for) and lots of natural light.
I love the creativity of a fitted cloth over a wooden coffee table...the color adds a nice punch to the room. Notice the binoculars too, who knows what kind of birds might be seen or fish jumping.

Ingram prefers to entertain his friends outside but there are times that the festivities must be brought inside. Love the "manly" wing chairs at the dining table.

Here's a better look at the oak floors in the kitchen which leads out to the screened in porch.
Simple design, such a great island and how about the "beehive" pendants? Both are from South of Market here in Atlanta.

Another view of the floors...I am coveting them.

Great oversize door and the Waterworks tub, shower is just outside to "marry the best of indoors and out."

Where do you like to go that is a peaceful place?



  1. This is great. I am a water person. Was born in Hawaii, raised in Hawaii, and now live in Southern California.
    I love the pictures here and ....... oh boy........ I spend a long time just looking out at the water.


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  3. I want to go THERE! I love the water and I love that house. There are so many features about it that I like, but especially those shelves in front of the big kitchen windows, and the lighting that looks like bee skeps! Very cool.

  4. *What a charming posting, Renae~~~ simply lovely! We were both born n' raised in Southern California, so all of what you showed is extra special to us...

    Our bedroom has about 20' of curved, butted glass~ almost floor to ceiling~ that overlooks the pool, the desert which has special lighting, and city lights below at night..

    ... So, it's VERY easy to ALWAYS remember to say my prayers at night, when my husband of 41+ years, our dog and I are all cuddled in bed for the night ahead~~~ I am SOOOO THANKFUL for His blessings that sometimes I could just burst!!! (May sound "corny" to some, but I'm speaking from the heart).

    Thank you for a terrific post tonight!

    Warmest blessings,
    Linda in AZ *

  5. My private garden in my backyard or my front yard (with the view) for that matter is as far as I need to go to be peaceful! Love the images you've shown!

  6. Linda...we are indeed blessed beyond measure! I grew up in southern California and appreciate so much seeing other parts of the US. My son goes to college in Birmingham, and it is a city (other than the heat) that I could definitely live in!
    Thanks for your comment!

  7. Thanks for commenting on the room I posted. It was taking a beating on another blog and I did not think it was nearly as bad as they were letting on...I wanted to see how my readers would react to it. So Thanks again.

  8. * RENAE~ Oh my!~~~ We're "kindred spirits"!!!... How delightful!!!~~~ Thanks, Linda *

  9. Oh...I can think of so many places....but am dreaming of mountains right now (just posted an amazing looking place)

    Gorgeous place you shared with us!!

  10. This is one of my favorite lake houses. I adore it.


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