Garden and Guns?


While waiting to get my hair cut, this was on the table in the salon.
I have never seen this magazine. Great concept, something for most guys and gals.

While looking through, this tree house caught my eye and when reading further I found it's right here in Atlanta.

Environmentalist Peter Bahouth found a sliver of forest and built the ultimate retreat - 50 feet above the ground. He is the former executive director of the Turner Foundation and now the executive director of the U. S. Climate Action Network. He has helped preserve some of the most beautiful places on earth. He said, "there's no place he would rather be than in his tree house perched high atop some tulip poplars and an old southern shortleaf pine."
He bought a vacant wooded lot with a meandering creek next to his modern glass house.
The whole thing took 6 months of planning and 6 weeks to build out of spare lumber and old windows that had been thrown out or bought at antique stores. The result, with a built in platform bed overlooking the creek and a whimsical bridge held in place with ship rope, is the perfect place for a nap or large parties! Balmouth says that at the end of the day he enjoys getting up there to enjoy the sunsets that filter through the trees. Pretty tremendous!"
Now...just WHERE in Atlanta is this house?

After further investigation I found this magazine has been around since 2007 so you true blue southerners probably knew this already. But I love finding new things and learning even more!
Go here to check it out online.

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Text taken from G&G April/May Tree Topper


  1. Truly a magazine that has caught my eye over and over. The newest issue arrived at the office yesterday. Historic Sunday drives, Southern cooking recipes par excellence, and always a masculine overtone that is inviting even for us *XXs*

  2. What a name! Never heard of it here in Canada! Something for everyone!

  3. Wen I was a kid I had tree house like a boat -stuck up in a tree after a storm...felt like Peter Pan voyaging through time!

    Always wanted one today! Cool story!

  4. I had seen the magazine for quite awhile but actually was turned off by the title. After a friend recommended it, I gave it a chance and really enjoy it.

  5. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Renae! I'll have to keep any eye out for the magazine! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  6. * Last year I ordered subscriptions for my husband, brother-in-law & two very dear friends (also male) who meet to go bird-hunting together several times a year, coming from 4 different states. And since all of us wives like gardening in "one form or another", I just thought it was a perfect "Hi! Thinking of you!" gift!~~~ They all seem pleased, so I will definitely renew, too!

    Linda in AZ *

  7. no way !
    this is crazy cool, i will have to go to see it when i get to atlanta.

  8. What a fabulous tree house. Ax

  9. Hi Renae...that is so funny that you like that magazine. I love it! I did a post about it when I first started blogging 'cause it really is good, isn't it! Such a variety of topic. They did a whole article on Sweet Tea! :-) I'd love to know where the tree house is...if you find out let me know! Susan
    P.S. Maybe we could google it and find out. :-)

  10. I love that treehouse. Talk about a respite fromt the everyday hustle bustle of the fast world. He is a very creative guy.


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