Friday Flowers

Is your garden full of color? Can you bring in several varieties and arrange something fun?

I wish I could. I CAN enjoy what others harvest though!
Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Father's Day to all of your men.

Florals by Jonathon Andrew Sage
Houston Master Floral Designer

Image from Veranda


  1. I wish I could too!

    Lately, one of our nurse's has been bringing in a bouquet from her own garden. So lovely. I will try and post a picture soon.

    And btw here's a link to a sunflower festival in Rutledge GA I think you might like to know about. We're still covered up in Family Reunion the weekend of the festival, but someday I hope to go.

  2. so very pretty.
    thank you for the image and sweet thoughts


  3. maybe next year..:-[ I can pick a bouquet of white peonies, but that is it. I am looking add some more colour and variety next year..

    Baby steps..:-)

  4. My peonies died a bit prematurely (they fell over and I should have tied them back up) darn! Otherwise they would look fabulous in my house in a vase!!

  5. If you have just a few good quality silk arrangements, you can buy a bouquet at the grocery store periodically and look like your house is always filled with fresh flowers. Your home will always be prepared for unexpected guests and impromptu dinners.

  6. Very pretty, Renae, thnak you and have a fab wknd!

  7. Hi Renae,
    you seem to have had a tremendous ride along the Hwy. Great fun with all the photos...and the lavender field, yum.

    My garden has very little colours and my flowers are very late for bloom, the weather has been poor, cold and hard rain for weeks now.

    I forgot you celebrate Father's Day today, we do in November.

    All the best,

  8. I have been doing the blue hydrangeas look lovely--and the Coreopsis! Love to use my green onions as part of it....

  9. The best thing about summer is being able to display cut flowers from the garden!! Love that image!

  10. Ooooh pretty flowers!!! I have some of your flowers... sorry but you know how I LOVE to steal!!!
    I hope you are off doing something FAB!!!

  11. hey R !!!!
    are you ok ??

    no posts for almost a week.



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