Wood Turning

I learned something new today!
 At first glance I thought these to be such beautiful "glasses" but much to my surprise upon further investigation, found that these are made from wood in a craft called "wood turning."  The artisans, the Moulthrop's (3 generations of men) work from their studio in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.  

A single bowl can take as long as 12 hours at a lathe over several weeks or months, carefully shaping the wood with customized tools, then applying five layers of finish.

The result gleams as if it were polished stone...

...showcasing a tree's beauty.

Private collectors and museums including the Metropolitan and the Smithsonian will wait whatever length of time to get one of these gems.  

Each has its own look and sell from $350-$15,000. They can be found in many galleries across the country. Visit here to see the Moulthrop's website and see if there is a gallery near you.

Do you have just the right place for one of these beauties in your home?

text taken from ForbesLife
pictures from website



  1. They are beautiful......... and they are also good conversation pieces!

  2. i put my dad in one ...
    a beautiful urn.
    i didn't want it to break !
    eeek !

  3. I have a friend who collects these. I did not know that they were that costly. I will have to look at hers a bit closer now...

  4. Hi Renae,

    These are amazing! I love the colors and richness in each one!

    Thanks for your comments, I'm enjoying myself over here, fun blog!


  5. Beautiful. My college friend is a wood maker, an artisan, restoring wood items, amazing and she will love these. She made me a bowl for my wedding out of purple heart wood. I am in awe of these.

  6. I love these. I ahve a few from the Paris flea market, where the artist had his wheel set up...in Vancouver, I have turned cedar legs for a table. I thought it would have been too soft, but they turned out well.

  7. They are certainly some spectacular examples of fine woodturning. It takes many hours to produce such pieces, but as you can see, the results are well worth it!


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