Don't be Crewel!

When I was a girl, I used to go visit my maternal grandparents every summer.  My grandmother belonged to a group called the Hobby Club!  I loved going because the ladies were fun and they always seemed happy to see my sister and me, and there were always good treats to eat!  My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet - I learned how to stitch left handed because she was.  She also taught me to do needlepoint...

...and crewel.

I have hung onto these for a zillion years but they remind me of the fun times with my grandma.

These pictures are so small...sorry.  Every time I go to the Design Center and look for fabric for different projects I am drawn to the beautiful crewel fabrics that are being shown these days.

We once had a sofa that had crewel fabric on it in the '70's only to be reupholstered several times over the years.  Everything comes full circle and I think these are a great example of the colors that are "hot" today.
What do you you like?


  1. These are so beautiful, Renae! How precious to have them connected to such great memories of your grandmother. XO

  2. love crewel.
    i remember my first lesson on it...i was working at f.s.schumacher,i was so intrigued by it,but i never found one that i like the color-ways.
    many years later, here in florida, i was working with a client,
    and i finally found one that i did like.
    we upholstered the sofa in a winter white on winter white crewel.
    it was just soooooooo fabulous. i have loved it ever since.


  3. I went to a tour of homes on Tuesday, and the master bedroom in one of the homes had the most beautiful crewel wallpaper in the master bedroom. It was paper, and had thread, and I immediately thought 'crewel'.

  4. Renae!!!

    Your crewel work is charming! You are talented..must have been a natural--inherited form grandma! Thanks
    for the sweet story...good for this week!

    love, kelee

  5. These are so beautiful!
    That is such a neat talen to have, to be able to do all this beautiful handiwork, and have wonderful memories attached to it.

  6. BEAUTIFUL... that is a LOVELY thing to learn and an even LOVELIER reminder of your grandmother!

  7. Stunning work! What wonderful memories. You should teach someone and pass that memory to them,
    I also needlepoint and crewel. Handi-work is so wonderful. People always are amazed!

  8. Renae,
    We keep passing each other in the comment box!!!Good morning to you.
    I am enjoying my first cup of coffee & your wonderful blog. Any gal that posts about crewel work, settees & airstreams has definetly got my attention for the morning.
    We both frequent many of the same wonderful blogs and I am so happy that I have stopped in to visit you.
    Have a great day....oh and that puppy is a love...


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