Wall Flower

Most of us have had to remove wallpaper at one time or another, and if the walls weren't prepared correctly, it came off in little pieces. Joy. Because of my experience in this I have steered clear of wallpaper. As of late, however, by reading design books, magazine and blogs, wallpaper has been growing on me, still not sure if I want it, but enjoy the beauty of some of it! However, it is still permanent, I can't sit still for very long and would want to be changing it all of the time.

Great rooms, lots of whimsey and fun!

This graphic dominates the room but the room's spaciousness keeps it from overpowering.

Keep in mind the scale of the other elements in the room when selecting the scale of the pattern on the wallpaper. If the sofa, draperies or a large rug are large in scale, opt for smaller scale on the walls. Small scale design on the paper works well to add a little interest to the walls and not make the walls the focal point.

This is a beautiful damask.

How about papering the ceiling? It softens the angles and blurs the edges of the room.

This is a great entry, bright, love the contrast of the yellow paper with the black door

This is a beautiful Gracie hand painted wallpaper. Putting paper in the dining room adds interest and pattern into a room that is typically hard, solid surfaces.

Brooke of Velvet and Linen used de Gournay hand painted paper in this fabulous dining room in one of the homes her husband designed.

This is another de Gournay....beautiful.

So what do you think....ia wallpaper in your design style? Do you think you will begin to incorporate it more in some spaces?

images from: Southern Accents,
de Gorunay


  1. These are some beautiful wallpaper choices, Renae. I like your new banner!

  2. Oh Renae,
    My nextdoor neighbor and wonderful friend Marie tells me you are coming to see us in New Orleans!!! I am so excited about meeting you and we have made plans to visit my shop and Perch and Valorie, and go have a little dinner together. Can't wait

  3. These are gorgeous images! I too am liking wallpaper again! Think I will do a bedroom....

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hi, Ranae, I'm with you. I've had it many times over the years & ended up peeling it off in shreds, so right now I'm steering clear of it too. Too afraid to commit to one! But, I have to say I still love many of the designs I see & I love it in smaller areas like powder rooms.

    I'm adding you to my blogroll too!

  5. I will forever walk away from wall paper, but I too am finding some that I enjoy. I loved the foyer with the extra wide door.

  6. Love the Gracie wallpaper...really great post Renae...thanks!

  7. I love the papered ceiling in that particular bedroom - the slanted ceiling makes it really charming. I also love the entry with the yellow paper, black door and fabulous chandelier - great combination! I say have some fun and go for it, but only with a paper you adore!

  8. LOVE this collection of wallflowers... I"m a paint girl but I appreciate these.
    BTW... did a package arrive? Let me know when it does!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  9. hey girl,
    we sure like the same things !!

    great images !!

    xx R

  10. I have been posting about wallpaper lately a lot but used them in my jobs only once!!I guess I am a paint girl.
    Have to say some are just gorgeous.
    Lovely post , Renae.

  11. Renae, I met you at the Isaiah bible study. You are so talented. I absolutely love your blog!!

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