The perfect bed!

I love making guests in my home feel really special and one way I go about it is making sure when they slumber they are as comfortable as they would be in a Four Seasons Hotel.

I start by putting a mattress topper – a featherbed equivalent – (I read something about featherbeds once, but that’s another post) over the mattress, either under the mattress cover or encased in its own cover before putting the sheets on! So good that the sheets these days have such deep pockets!


I love sheets that are crisp and need ironing before putting on the bed and really do like predominately white with a slight bit of detail. Yes…I DO iron them…not only for my guests but for me as well. I heard it asked once, “how do you treat your guests? Why would you treat yourself any different?” I love that and it has always stuck with me.


bedding-sheets2 bedding-sheets3

How about finishing them off with some beautiful coverings such as these? That crinkled bed skirt….so different… with the quilted blanket and all those pillows, beautiful duvet…mmmmm. How about a place for your reading materials at the side? Or maybe, the linen and white?

bedding-crinkled bed skirtbedding-linen

I do love black and chartreuse…adds a bit of whimsy wouldn’t you say? Look at the pleated bed skirt and love love love the tufted headboard. The blue and beige is soothing…don’t you just adore that ruffle-y pillow?

bedding-green and black bedding-texture

I like duvets as the inserts are an easy fix when the seasons change. What do you like?


  1. Sweet dreams! A bed after my own heart. I love white sheets with a bit of detail and duvets. One of my favorite trips to Europe, I slept in a feather bed and truly, slept like a baby. Your guest must never want to go home.

  2. R-

    hey , will you come iron mine ???


    i did a post on bedding, and we picked out some of the same ones .

    aren't we great ??? he he he


  3. That is what I NEED a duvet! I found a big selection of them at Marshall's the other day when I was shopping for a client. You remind me to go back!
    BTW... did you ever get the missing painting?

  4. You may have some guests offering to come visit after this :)

    Ironed sheets look and feel so good... do you iron them on the bed? I can never seem to get them looking that good when I do the entire sheet, so I cheat and just do the top half where it folds down and will be seen...

    Can't wait to see you entry with the Villaine- I think it will look specactular. Thanks for your comment!!!

  5. i'd love to be a guest ... the beds look wonderful. i duvets, too. thank you for visiting us!

  6. There is nothing better than a well-made bed. I love to sleep between white ironed sheets.

  7. I love these linens! There is nothing more calming and peaceful than having a pristinely
    made bed. Oliver Wendell--my bassett-- really loves it too! I am going to be getting new bedding--thanks for the inspiration Renae!

  8. 100 miles on a bike? they'd have to have a coffin waiting for me!

    ok - the Four Seasons has THE best beds anywhere - they even sell them and once in a magazine they showed exactly how they make them - they don't tuck in the top sheet - oh - it's a whole process. I want one sooooo bad. I hinted around the other night to Ben, but he sure didn't get it. haha

    thank you for your comments - I always love reading them!!!!!!!

  9. Absolutely beds and linens are stunning!!!looks soothing to everyone's eyes,inviting and chic too!perfection!!!i'd love to be your guest!:-)thanks for sharing, wonderful post!


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