Camping Anyone?

My darling husband (DH) loves to camp and my idea of camping since my Girl Scout days is at a lovely hotel with room service and lots of champagne. I do, however, think I might join him if I could have these digs!

Do you remember when all the campers had this exterior design and every grandma and grandpa had one? I remember going with my paternal grandparents somewhere (can't for the life of me remember where) when I was about 8 or 9. I do remember it being really hot and since they were from Texas, it was probably in the south.

Now, this is the way to travel! It would have been so much fun to jump up and down on this pink tufted bed with all the sister and I could have had the most awesome pillow fight! Oh, but we would have had to have been very careful not to bump our heads on the chandelier above. I do love the dressing area with the pink (such my favorite color!) wallpaper with bustiers and lacy panties and a service for tea. The built in picture board is perfect for all of the pictures we would take. Right behind is a contemporary bath with a counter top basin.

This airstream is actually part of the Grand Daddy Hotel "penthouse" trailer park in Cape Town, South Africa, where a collection of vintage Airstream caravans nestle beneath the backdrop of Table Mountain. There are 7 two-sleeper trailer suites that have been designed by local artists to make the most unique accommodations. My pink suite above was designed by Tracy Lynch and named 'Love of Lace'.

Pictures from Elle Decor


  1. That is a VERY FASHIONABLE Airstream!!! I HATE camping... however... camping in that might be ok... are there any campgrounds that have room service?
    ENJOY your day!

  2. I love airstreams. I designed a Moroccan themed one for a design show here in Vancouver, so I became very intimate with it's details.

  3. I have a secret dream to design an over the top interior for an airstream. I think they are so wonderful.
    Happy Weekend, Renae.


  4. I think you and I could go camping together :)

  5. remember the plant stand ?

    i went to ''

    check it out.

    love this camper-too cute !!!


  6. have you see the blogger from Santa Fe's airstream - it is sooo cool = i wish I knew her address by heart to tell!!!

    thanks for your comments!!

  7. what do you mean my pictures don't load? i don't have a problem with that at all on my computer. do you let the blog load before you click on it? it might be that. let me know what you are talking about.

  8. Oh my, I could go camping in one of those and I thought I would never say that...Thanks for visiting, I loved your comment and yes, there are always too sides. Now don't be a stranger!


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