Foodie Friday


One of my 'bff's' is a lovely Lebanese gal who is ONE fantastic cook. I asked her recently for her hummus recipe and like many good cooks she had no measurements, just estimates, but graciously gave it to me. Hers is like none you have ever tasted before and honestly mine is just O.K.
Start with dried garbanzo beans and follow directions for soaking and cooking on the package. 

 Did you know these beans are one of the most healthy? They are full of fiber and anti-oxidants and are proven to decrease cardio-vascular risks, regulate blood-sugar, and many other things. Go here for a great article.

The ingredient list for Najwa's hummus is simple; 
beans, tahini and lemon juice and salt.  

10 health benefits of tahini:

  1. It’s rich in minerals such as phosphorus, lecithin, magnesium, potassium and iron. 
  2. It's a good source of Methionine, which aids in liver detoxification
  3. It’s one of the best sources of calcium out there. 
  4. It’s high in vitamin E and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B15. 
  5. Helps to promote healthy cell growth. 
  6. Prevent anemia. 
  7. Helps to maintain healthy skin and muscle tone. 
  8. It has 20% complete protein, making it a higher protein source than most nuts. 
  9. It's easy for your body to digest because of its high alkaline mineral content, which is great for assisting in weight loss. 
  10. It is high in unsaturated fat (good fat!)

Purée beans in food processor and add about 1/4 cup each of lemon juice and tahini to start. I keep tasting and adding bits more of each one until it tastes like what I remember. I also add a few dashes of cayenne for a little zing and salt to taste.
My favorite way to serve it with baby bells, you might enjoy it with your favorite cracker and it's delicious over meat. Najwa serves hers with fresh pita with a drizzle of olive oil.

Spring is here, do you have any flowers yet?  
Mine are on the cusp, cut your favorite and bring them in! 

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School's almost out, now is a great time before all of the summer activities!


  1. Oh how I love a good Hummus recipe! Will be trying this, maybe as soon as this weekend!

  2. So funny as my aunt was Lebanese and she didn't have any written recipes…I'm still trying to duplicate her wonderful eggplant dip…..have to try this hummus!!! Happy weekend.

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  4. I am pinning this one Renae. I love hummus...I agree with the splash of cayenne!!

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  17. Renae,

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  19. It looks really good, and I know the taste pretty good as well.

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