Bloggers and Blessings

It's no secret that the people we meet in blog land are a special breed.  We meet with our mutual love for design and making ours and others' surroundings lovely.

While traveling to Arkansas to visit Mr. MD who is there on business I had the most delightful afternoon with Mona Thompson.

She is one of the 'sisters' behind the beautiful interior design business and blog
Providence Ltd. Needless-to-say, we hit it off right away.  You would never know that we hadn't been friends for a lifetime.

We went to her shop in the Fabulous Finds Antique Mall.
She has a great eye for 
'fabulous finds'!!

There is so much here I would love to have put in my suitcase to take back to Atlanta.

I love these gold leafed candelabras!
I spy a beautiful gate-leg table!

I am loving those candlesticks...I can see them made into beautiful lamps!

We then went to Mona's beautiful home.  I didn't want to be obnoxious taking pictures but  I was drawn to the sideboard in the dining room.
I had to get a close up
because this finish is in store for mine. 

I had to snap this lampshade on the sconce.  Mona had it made...beautiful.

The blessing to me was an incredible afternoon with a firecracker of an adorable woman.

Thanks so much Mona!

If you would like to make your house a lovely home, contact MD!


  1. Sounds like such a fun getaway! That antique store has gorgeous stuff, probably a good thing you couldn't fit anything in your travel bag. ;)

  2. whoa!!!
    can i say fabulous?
    {or has that already been said?}
    no really,
    she has a keen eye for sure.

    i wish i had been there.
    it looks like fun.
    and ... sure do get around !!!

  3. What a lovely post. The entire afternoon was a lovely treat and a nice break from all that is going on. I'm laughing right now at our picture. We talked so much we forgot to take one together. We had to be a comical sight jumping out of my car as we left the house...standing in a flower bed in the miserable heat with your i-pad pointed at our faces. Made for a great laugh if not for a very pretty picture. I look forward to keeping up and seeing each other again. Mona

  4. Each stuff is uniquely designed and that have been expertly and artfully restored!what a fabulous store!

  5. Mona's home and shop are charming and you look terrific, Renae! Come enter my give-away and have a great weekend!xo

  6. i love that you were able to meet and thank you for showing us her goodies... lovely... miss you... xoxo

  7. How much fun Renae! I can tell that you two are bbf's and both appreciate each other's friendship! Thanks for taking such great pictures and sharing your wonderful day!
    xo Lisa


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