Sugarboo Designs

Recently a friend of mine in Virginia called and said she had seen Sugarboo Designs in a magazine and was I familiar?!

I was not but quickly found they have their design warehouse right down the road from me and a showroom at Atlanta's America's Mart. I look forward to visiting!

Rebecca Puig is the artist (and owner along with her husband) behind Sugarboo Designs and named it from the nicknames she has of her children.  

Her inspiration comes from them

and she wants to create products that remind us of those we love!

She designs with old and new in mind as well as hard and soft elements and sentimental mixed with modern.

As I was navigating around the website I realized there were so many of her designs I adore.

You know when you are out shopping and you see this and this and this and that and that and that that you want?  

365 Gathered Thoughts
filled with various quotes on handcrafted paper about life, love and happiness.  

How about designing your very own crest?

I placed an order for my friend and me and now have ready for shipment to my son and his bride the large burlap pillow (on the left).  

Be sure and visit Sugarboo here and look at all of their wonderful designs. My scanning does not do justice. If you find something you cannot live without, let me know and I will order it for you!

Do you want to make your house a home?
Contact MD here and we'll get started!


  1. Hi Renae,

    love the burlap pillow with personal initials, great choice for the newly weds. I guess love is constantly in the air......full of romance!

    I hope all is well at your place.
    I' m back home again and the house feels a little empty. We are doing Skype and other technical resources to stay in touch easily.
    It's funny how much calmer you feel when seeing a face on the screen.

    Take care,

  2. Very clever gal! I'm sure the girft will most appreciated.

    And I love all the images from your ST post and her note was just so thoughtful!

  3. What a sweet company and always nice to know the background as it makes the product have even more meaning. I especially like the 365 quote box, what a wonderful gift idea. XO

  4. Very creative. Love the quotes and you know I love anything with a crest on it. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. i think this is genius.
    considering the state of our counties consciousness or unconsciousness at the moment.
    we want to feel safe and loved.

    a feel really good product.

  6. I love all these beautiful images in your post. Very creative, love the ideas.

  7. Thanks for sharing, these are so sweet. I will go by and check it out. When I took art in school, we had to design a family crest. It really makes you think about your lifestyle. I put my mountains in the background with two horses touching noses in the foreground. It was very rustic. Now I don't even own a horse... I guess lifestyles are always changing too.

  8. Thank you for the intro, Renae. I wasn't familiar with this line. Hope you have a great week, Sweetie! xo

  9. Did you see their home in, I think, Southern Living last year or the year before. Really playful--just like her art!

  10. Very interesting post.
    I like the frame job.
    Sugar boo designs has some clever ideas.
    Have a nice Sunday


  11. Beautiful blog. I am the rep for Sugarboo in So. California and everything you said is true.
    You might enjoy my blog


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