• honesty, fairness or integrity in one's beliefs or actions, "a man of honor"
  • high respect, as for worth, merit or rank, "to be held in honor"
  • such respect manifested, "memorial in honor of the dead"
  • high public esteem, fame, glory, "he has earned his position of honor"

As you prepare for a fun family long weekend take the time to remember WHY we have this holiday. HONOR those that are serving our country and pray for their families and also of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Freedom is not free. I salute ALL who serve and have served our land. YOU ARE HONORABLE.

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  1. Last Veteran's Day, I drove through Georgia's new National Cemetery. And today I see they had a special service at 11am.

    It's a pretty venue with rolling hills. But what I really want to say is that I walked a really neat trail today - the Pine Mountain Trail - East Loop - that is also designed for mountain bikes.

    Have you been there?

  2. Great post as always and thanks for stopping by today. I think pet peeves is going to be fun and I would like to pick you to put yours up next... how about it?

  3. http://www.cem.va.gov/CEMs/nchp/georgia.asp

  4. You are so right, Renae.
    I am going to read your post to my three kids.
    I think it is important for us all to take a moment to appreciate the freedoms we have. We should not take them for granted or forget that what those freedoms come with a price.
    Happy Memorial Day.


  5. Well said Renae. They are honorable indeed!

  6. Well said Renae. They are honorable indeed!

  7. Happy Memorial Day to you! We are lucky in this country!

  8. A great reminder, Renae. Enjoy your holiday! XO

  9. Hey Renae!

    I was seeing if you wouldn't mind updating us on your feed- we got a new feed address-


    Thanks so much and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend! :)

    Emily @ Material Girls

  10. A thoughtful post Renae. Today, I honor my father who served his country with pride and who we lost 12 years ago. I miss him so.

  11. Yes....a beautiful post. So important to always remember and pass it on to our kids! Yhank you!

  12. A beautiful tribute! Like you, we too are so blessed to live in a country with freedom and remember those who fought for it. Ax


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