Settee Mania!

I am crazy for seems no matter where I am I gravitate towards them in many different styles and fabrications.  Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, European or anything in between, you are sure to find one that will fit in perfectly!

One of my favorite blogaeratti, Valorie, who is the Visual Vamp's has this lovely in her home in New Orleans. The overall style, the nailheads, the pillows...hey Valorie, are you in Uptown or the Garden District?

Gustavian period sofa, Circa 1800...

...Swedish sofa Circa 1920.

These two lovelies come from Brooke at Velvet and Linen's
Swedish Antique store in Los Angeles, CA, visit her website here. If my decor only leant itself to these I would have them!  But you know how it is when over the years you have acquired things, it is not easy to "start over"! 

This is my own...

I think the carved wood on this is just beautiful.  The nailheads add great detail. It is delicate and I like that.

What do you think about this angled leather settee? It is elm wood with original leather in Albertina style. It actually  comes from a noble house in the Bologna-Parma area of Italy, Circa 1830.

This is vintage bamboo....I can see some bright fun fabric....perhaps my new favorite green!

Now where would you put these Arts and Crafts Settees?
These are neo-Egyptian style from England, Cica 1910.  I really like these, they are a bit edgy and fun!

This is a "to die for" French Napolean III black painted settee with gilt and polychrome and inlaid mother of pearl.  Gorgeous.

How about this folding daybed?

I have never seen anything like this, have you? Have I been hiding under a rock somewhere?
This is hubby would just love it.  Our basement pool room is "his" trophy room with hides and antlers from his hunts and this would be fab there!  PETA don't come after me. :>)
A Victorian Horn Settee.

This would be so much fun out on the deck for an outdoor living space.  Love the wheels and that there is lighting for reading!

What do you think?  Do you have jsut the right place for any of these?

unless noted, all images from 1st Dibs.


  1. Hi Renae...I think I could develop a little addiction to settees after seeing all these beauties!
    :-) Goldfinches LOVE's their favorite. Thistle is really skinny...requires a thistle feeder or thistle "sock" with tiny holes...but you can find them very inexpensively. They also eat sunflower seeds, too. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Susan

  2. Settees are so pretty! Whether I have a perfect spot or not, I'd manage to fit one in somplace :)

    Actually, a perfect spot is the end of a bed!

  3. What a pretty selection of settees, Renae!

  4. I agree with annechovie, perfect selection here...yours is one of the prettiest. Thanks for stopping by , I always enjoy your comments.

  5. Those settees are so interesting and beautiful. My Doctor has a set of settess for use in her office. They are beautiful, and I always feel like having a cup of tea while I am sitting there.

  6. Well you know how I feel about settees, Renae!
    I love that you have a settee to greet everyone in your entry. It looks perfect there.
    Thank you for including my two Swedish beauties!


  7. i like the folding settee and the crazy wood one on wheels !!


  8. Hello darling Renae,
    Thanks for the settee shout out!
    I live on the wrong side of The Garden District ha ha, a couple of blocks on the river side of Magazine Street, know as The Irish Channel.
    xo xo

  9. I totally agree, just love the first one!

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  11. Hello! So, I just bought a bargain yardsale settee and have no idea how old it is, although I think it might be french. If you get a chance, maybe you could take a peek at my settee post and tell me what you think. I do know that however old she is, I really love her!

  12. I just found your blog through Valorie at Visual Vamp. I love settee's but never have bought one. The ones that you pictured are gorgeous and make me want one even more. Maybe I can squeeze one in my bedroom!



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