Fun with my Grand!

I am in southern Washington state taking care of my grand while his parents went away for the weekend.  We have had some fun adventures and also did a little craft project to give his parents, did one for me too!

Great idea from Pinterest.  Using art board, decide what color to use as background, paint and let dry. Next put 'blobs' of paint on a plate and do one foot at a time, as you can see the feet are placed with outside edges together. I let dry overnight, then with a sharpie drew the body and antennae. So simple - other than trying to hold a toddler (16 months) and keeping the paint from getting everywhere! 


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  1. That is so clever Renae! If I ever have any grand babies I will try to remember that one!

  2. Clever & thoughtful! I bet mom and dad had a nice time away & will go more often knowing that when they return they'll have a tuckered out and happy little boy...with colorful fingers and toes!

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