Back in the Saddle!

Cycling Season Begins!
Tonight is 'Ladies Night' at Atlanta Cycling Vinings
It's time to get my Ruby down (with the pink handlebars), dust her off, pump her up and saddle up! It's been 2 months since she's been off the wall and only ridden a handful of times since October.  I adore my cycling friends and enjoy getting out and challenging myself...I'm the 'oldie moldy'!  I'm hoping my working out at the Gin Miller Fitness Studio over the winter has kept me in fighting shape.  Remember 'step-aerobics?"  Gin was the creator all those many years ago and I am so blessed to have her as my (group) trainer now!  She has shown me that us old girls can still be strong!

Are you a road bike cyclist or want to learn?  Come on out and join us at 6pm for a 'no-drop' ride with a bunch of fun girls! 

Please allow Moore Designs to help you create the home of your dreams.  Don't let distance be a barrier, MD can design for you via the web. 

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  1. My husband wishes I was a cyclist.....have a great time...

  2. you truly are a fun and fit lady.

    love and miss you xx


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