My Own One-Room Challenge(s)

A couple of my design bloggy friends 
Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence
and Mary Ann Pickett of classic•casual•home 
are part of a group of 20 other bloggy designers 
across the US by the invitation of 
Linda of My Crafty Homelife 
to do a One-Room-Challenge.  Be sure and pop over and see what these talented girls are up to.

I decided I would do my own along side them.
You know how we have rooms that are 'out of sight, out of mind'?  Well that's the way it has been for me with two of my guest rooms.
For some crazy reason when we moved in I decided I wanted some sort of Bohemian look.  Really?  I HAVE NO CLUE where that came from because I am NOT Boho!  
I inherited the 'brown bag' color on the wall.  This room is in the basement of our home and these two lovely 'things' are the cover-ups of the main water line faucets to the house.  I am not sure who finished the basement but this was definitely an after-thought.
In the opposite corner is a cable and plug for a television to be mounted on the wall.  The former owners had a thing for this as there is another around the corner in the game room.  Appropriate for a room with a pool table.
The stone wall is the side of the shower which is actually pretty nice. 
 Wall color now is creamy white. 
I have already gotten a start in here. 
First thing to go was the color on the walls. 
Brown Bag to SW Crushed Ice, my new fave neutral of which I have painted almost my whole house.  I painted over the plates as I have not had the electrician in yet to lower these to floor level.
Here's a sneak peak of what I have done already.

I tried various sizes of art to cover the plugs over the faucets but balance was never right, so I made a frame out of 1"x2"'s and then covered with fabric.  The headboard, linen window panels and duvet are from West Elm, one of my favorite places to shop, the euros are custom.  
Still thinking about another pillow or two or three. :)
Of course, they usually end up on the floor.
There are a few finishing touches to the styling and it will be ready for guests, although my son considers this his room.  I wonder how he likes the pink?

This is where my One-Room Challenge begins.

I have my grandmother's bed and 2 dressers and the brown bag wall color, which has now been painted Crushed Ice. 
Nothing was ever really done in here. 
I have taken the mirror off the dresser with the thought of hanging the mirror on the wall BUT it may pose a problem.  There is really no place on the backside to attach anything so it can be hung.  I have a bit of investigating to do.
I have gone round and round with myself about painting this furniture and if not the dresser,  (moved the tall one out) the bed.  Thoughts?
Green in here has already been painted out in a creamy white.
I put these hotel type rods in this bath and another. While they are great for keeping the shower curtain from 'grabbing' whoever is in there, it keeps me from hanging the decorative curtain high as it would be too close to the toilet. I'm not changing it now.
Don't ya just love this fixture?  Not. Already gone.
I thought I might like the bed in front of the windows but have decided that a better use of space is to keep the bed opposite the dresser.
I was in World Market and saw this pillow and knew this would be the inspiration for the room.  I LOVE neutrals but I like color too.  With the old furniture I decided I wanted the room to be happy.  I also realized I am liking pink, orange and gray. Themes of the room downstairs.  They will have a different vibe though!
I was at Pottery Barn the other day looking at their frames with large mats and smaller opening for the picture.  I just didn't want to spend that many $$$ for a few frames.  Here in Canton there is a store called "Canton Closeouts" that is the craziest place I've seen.  It has a variety of merchandise from candy to lighting, mattresses to laundry soap. If you DIG you can find some interesting things.  The MR loves to go on Saturday mornings and has found some great tools.  Anyway...they are going out of business and we went last night.  I found these Burnes frames and bought all they had.  At 50% off $15, I stole them.

I went to Michael's Craft store in search of interesting scrap book paper. I think it will be nice art at a good price for a room I rarely go in.

It is crazy to be able to make decisions easily for clients I work with but for myself it is extremely difficult, I like too many different styles and colors. 
Not everything has to be custom, mix some in with ready made and it makes it more affordable.  

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  1. Love your idea for your own room challenge! I may have to try to do that too. Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  2. Pinks and oranges would be bright and fun and respectful of that beautiful furniture. I moved some dark family pieces into Taylor's room and it looks amazing with her bright colorful eclectic style. So happy. Can't even tell you how many times I allllmost painted it. So glad I held off.
    Man oh man Renae you have such great vision and know what works. I usually stumble through with fingers crossed. Guess that makes you the professional and me needing you! Thanks so much for sharing Renae.

  3. Hey!!! Welcome to the makeover world. You have really good bones to start!

  4. What a transformation, well done, and you made it look so easy. Inspiring.

  5. Wonderful improvements! Love the new paint color SW Crushed Ice, looks so much more updated!

  6. I really like what you have done in the first room - especially the paint color. Need to remember Crushed Ice for future painting projects. Please don't paint the wood furniture. I'm so tired of painted pieces and I think in a very short time the furniture will look dated. It does look a little dark, but I bet that you know how to surround the furniture with accessories and fabrics that it will make it have a lighter feel. Maybe you could move out just one of the dressers and substitute a smaller painted piece or perhaps an antique rattan piece. Using a more modern mirror with the current dresser would provide some interest and might lighten the feel of that dresser. Those two changes would add a little interest and might be just enough of a change. Can't wait to see the end result.

    1. PattyMac!
      I have decided not to paint the furniture, just give it a good cleaning and polishing. I already moved out the high dresser as the room definitely was crowded with all in there. I appreciate your comment and design ideas! I actually was in Pier 1 today looking at a combo wood/rattan chair.
      All the best...


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