Project Monday

Usually my Project Monday's are home decor projects but today I thought I would show you another project I just finished. I have been doing a fair amount of knitting, mainly baby hats but my son wanted a 'slouchy' hat. I have to say I think it turned out well and know he is going to enjoy it the remainder of the winter! (Posting on iPad and cannot place my pix). The pink hat is a baby hat I did a while back for a sweet little friend of mine. Just heard my grandson needs a warm hat so I've got to get busy!


  1. I could do with one of those Renae ........ it's snowy and freezing here in the UK !! Your knitting is beautiful ........ my sister is very good at knitting but I'm afraid that I'm hopeless !!!! XXXX

  2. Renae, you're so talented in so many ways. What a wonderful grandmother and mother to get those knitting needles busy. My poor granddaughter will likely be cold waiting for her granny to knit something warm!! My mom use to knit beautifully, how I wish I inherited her talent.

    Have a fun weekend and hoping you had a good week?



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