Project Monday

A little of this and that!

Finishing up final fabric selections for a dining room project.  Window treatments and upholstery for the chairs.
We are rolling along and first install of other rooms will be in a couple of weeks. I know you'll love the home when we are finished...southern elegance for sure!

In my own home:
I have worked phase by phase in our home over the last 3 years getting rid of the paint we inherited when we bought it. I love the lighter hue with the contrast of the dark doors.
Heading down to the basement, the 'brown paper bag' color is finally gone!
My contribution was painting the railing while the painters did their magic.
We also had a contractor close off a hall that was wasted space by framing and adding the double doors.  We will be using it for storage and will put in non-permanant shelving that we can take with us when we move. Flooring was ordered today.  The door in the back goes to a small room and I had already painted it black, and of course the new doors are being painted (by the painter!). 
 One coat down, one to go.  I bought some door pulls to put on instead of door knobs.  LOVE getting these little projects done!
My painter said my house looks very 'Californian'.  I'm a California girl, so I took that as a compliment!

What projects are you working on?

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  1. Hello,

    I think this looks great! I cannot wait to see more!

    Have a great night, Elizabeth

  2. You are one busy girl! Cant wait to see the dinning room project. Love your fabric selection. I have so many projects that I don't know where to start!

  3. You are always busy creating another wonderful space Renae. I love your wall color and the black doors of course. I wish I could have seen your beautiful home. I hope all is well this week? Thinking of you xx

  4. Looking absolutely lovely, Renae. Hope all is well with you, Sweetie! xo


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