Project Monday

I found this Thomasville TV cabinet at Goodwill!  It is a solid piece and it took Mr. MD and 4 big strapping men from the store to get it loaded up on our truck.  I bought it for my son in Birmingham and he said right away that it would look good painted black.
He's a chip off the ole block for sure.  I started looking at the inside and all the parts and had a few conversations with myself about if I really wanted to paint it.  But you know us Mama's, the things we do for our chillin'.
So out came the paint brush.  I used SW 6991 Black Magic All Surface Enamel, the same paint I used when I painted all the interior doors last year.  I painted right over the varnish...I sure did.  The Mr. said, 'you're going to have to sand that' and I thought, 'ain't no way'!  2 coats and it looks good.  I have decided not to paint the inside, will make sure all of the outside edges are painted. I may change my mind though, we'll see. Some of the shelves are on rollers and the 2 big doors slide inside.  I'm telling you for $60 I scored.  I'll do a follow up picture when it's all finished.  I think it's about 150% humidity in the garage, really did sweat bullets!

Speaking of painting my rear in gear over the weekend and tackled the last 7 doors in the basement.  I am officially finished with that project.  I have black fingernails but they're in style and I'm not coming to your house and painting yours.  :)

What projects do you have going on? 


  1. I'm impressed....painting in this heat! That was a steal!

  2. OH Renae, what a deal! I think its going to look great painted black.

  3. The black looks great, and I like the interiors natural. Hmmmm.... freezing summer peaches, what a marvelous idea {thanks!} Keep up the good work!

  4. Awesome... I WISH I could say I was as productive!

  5. Renae what a find and your son will be thrilled with it! I know.... the things we do for our children!

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