Foodie Friday

I love Salmon...don't you?  
Especially cedar plank grilled.
Add a salad full of veggies with lots of color and some grilled asparagus and you have a great dinner!

and for dessert...
Grilled Apple Pie Stack
as long as you have your grill fired up, get to grillin' those apples.  You can pound the treadmill will be worth it!

Don't forget your flowers!
Get some from your yard or your neighbor's and plop in a jar...perfect!

My friend Susan said she 'loves' Foodie about you?

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  1. OMG YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH THAT GRILLED APPLE DESSERT! Not only is it gorgeous but I bet its devine too. We both have posts about salmon today....yes love it!

  2. O you have directions for the apple stack.

  3. We just both like to can tell by the recipes we share. Happy Summer.

  4. i love the hanging mason jar!!
    ..and grilling apples...
    clever idea.


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