Foodie Friday

What's for dinner?  
Healthy fare....of course!

Turkey (or chicken or fish) lettuce wrap tacos.
Fruit Salad 
in a champagne flute...perfect.

Be sure and get out to your garden and bring in some flowers!

Happy Weekend.

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  1. Oh the lettuce wrap taco is just what my Doctor ordered for me to eat, he said stick to the healthy ones until the blood pressure goes back to normal.

  2. oh a thought i shared a secret but as i read on i see you have shared it... ok, never mind... all i know is that this will be the carrot to get you to come soon!!!!
    congratulations on your wonderful new grand bebe... and meeting your sis was a highlight in what turned out to be an amazing day... she is sooo darling and we had so much fun chatting... and much more to be had...
    COME SOON.... xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. All looks absolutely fabulous...

    Jo xx


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