Outdoor Livin'


The weather over the weekend was just perfect.
We ate dinner outside enjoying a lovely breeze.
I had the citronella candles lit, if there's a 'skeeter' around he surely finds Mr. MD!
So much I love about this...
stone patio, fireplace and the pergola.
Do you have an outdoor fireplace?  
Once all the newly planted plants fill in, 
our garden will be lovely.
No outdoor fireplace?...how about one of these?  Yes please!

I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the weather especially if you are in the south, before the humidity comes.  I know you Californian's have this weather all the time.  Lucky!

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  1. i had a fireplace out side and i loved it.
    when it was cold i would sit in front of it cuddled up in a blankie!!


  2. Love these outdoor shots... I especially love the copper tub style fireplace... One of those I would love... xv

  3. It was beautiful. We had Easter out side and the weather was perfect. I am having a wedding shower this Sunday and I am praying it is warm enough to have it out side.

  4. I love being outside and so look forward to this time of the year. Congratulations on becoming a Grandparent...You will be the best! XO, Mona


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