Project Monday

Having a dinner party seems to be the impetus to getting some details around the house attended to that keep getting pushed back for another day.
The chandy over the dining room table is an upgraded builders grade that I have been wanting to tone down a bit.
Out came the liming wax and I got busy.
This will do until I get my grandmother's crystal chandelier up!
I found this beautiful candelabra this summer but had not had an opportunity to use it yet and see how the candles sit in it. The whole thing leans a bit so it wasn't a surprise when the candles were crooked.
If you don't have any of this candle wax, it is a definite 'must have' when getting candles to stand properly in their holders.
A little dab here...
...and there...
...and all appears straight!
more on the table later.

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  1. I don't know about 'that'll do' Renae.....the liming wax has worked a treat and it looks brilliant ...... and, I MUST get some of that candle adhesive. I have candles all over the house and, although some fit fine, others are often leaning in a drunk kind of way !!!! Haha.
    I just hope that I can get hold of some in the UK. XXXX

  2. Thanks for the leany candle fix. It makes me nuts when I see them looking all wonky!

  3. Wow beautiful! Very elegantly done...and I so agree the minute I know I have people coming over I am all over the house like a white tornado!

  4. Great tip Renae, certainly looks easier than what I normally do - melt wax into the holder then put the candle in. Can get messy. The liming wax looks good too! Tracey xx

  5. Looks fabulous Renae and thanks for the tip re the candles

    Jo xx

  6. so pretty.
    you have done a great job with the chandy!!!

    you are always coming up with these tricks and tips.
    {for me as well}

    love you xx

  7. You never cease to amaze me Renae. Your home is the true reflection of you; classy, welcoming and glam!

    So good to see your face & talk with you today. Tell Mike he's a kind man to say hello on the spot!!

    Have a wonderful week friend. xo xo

  8. Two magic tips! That adhesive will work wonders in my house. What a magic find that candelabra.

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