Foodie Friday

Today I was thinking I better get the ovens fired up and get going on some baking. 
Peppermint chocolate cookies
I love giving festive plates of cookies and other sweet yummies to friends... 

...and the nail girl, the hair girl, the mail girl and the dry cleaner girl! :)
Dip first in chocolate and then roll in whatever you like!
I have made these for years, labor intensive but beautiful to look at and quite tasty!
We can do this!

All images from Pinterest.

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  1. You put the word foodie in your title and I come running.....oh I bet its fun hanging over at your house on a day like today..yum! Those first cookies look over the top good, they could be dangerous! I hope you will share some of what you make, and maybe a few recipes so you might inspire some of us very medicore bakers out there? Happy baking!

  2. They look yummy! I wish I had one of those cookies right now with my coffee.

  3. Going to need the recipe for the top one is your job to keep me going with your recipes.And those ones look yummy. XO

  4. Those button cookies are so adorable! They are beautiful and I'm sure just as yummy too. Great post. Have a wonderful holiday.

  5. I love indulging in cookies at this time of year. Linzer cookies are my favorites.


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