Foodie Friday

Baby it's cold outside and what is better than coming inside for some good soup?
This White Chicken Chili is just the right thing to warm you up.
Right along side how about a 
cranberry pecan chicken salad sandwich?
So yummy. 
Pretzel cookies with chocolate and peanut butter chips.  Yummo!
Do you have a place to hang a jar of flowers?
Simple, easy and fun!

Do you need help making your house a lovely home?  Contact me here.

Images from Pinterest.


  1. You are killing me..pretzel and chic. & peanut butter cookies?!!! WOW!! All 3 recipes are fabulous Renae, I hope to give them all a try. I really appreciate the ideas and have been wanting to make some cookies for Graham's family as a thank you. I hope all is good in Atlantaville? I must say that I really miss the sun. I knew that would be hard and it is. I miss our chats second. If it weren't for the time change it'd be far easier. Hopefully we can talk soon. I'll let you know when I get to the U.S. Love you xx

  2. Oh you got me singing that song...

    And I'm a sucker for soups on cold days...
    That looks delish ♥

  3. I am not so good at making soup but I will give this one a try Renae. And you reminded me...........I have some cookies to make and deliver. Happy weekend. XO

  4. OMG, Those pretzel cookies look amazing!

  5. Yes to all of it!

    For now I am leaving my settee as is. (Too much other things need attention. :)
    In the spring it will get an antique linen makeover.

    I MUST get some of the Annie Sloan wax.

  6. that looks DE LISH!!!
    i love any kind of chili.
    one of my favorite foods girlfriend!!

    love you and thinking of you xx

  7. Yummie recepis.....great inspiration!

    We just pulled my more than 30 years old Julia Child's cookbook out from the shelf, dusted it off and started allover on page 1.
    I bought the book as a young student in Paris...this time it's hubby cooking the menues.

    Have a great weekend, dear!


  8. ONE was eating well this weekend. UMMMHMMM.

    Linda@Lime in the coconut....who happens to be salivating...just a teensy bit...on her computer/\

  9. Fantastic ideas, Renae! The food is making me very hungry. xo

  10. All sounds soo good. Just got home and am starving. Haven't eaten today. Looks like it will be take out over hear;. Hope your doing great. XO, Mona

  11. What a menu!! I want it all especially the cookies. Might have to try them....

  12. I love your ideas for Christmas decorating ideas was searching the net and I came across your wonderful blog, congratulations and Merry Christmas from Spain.


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