Child's Play

If you are not plugged into Pinterest,
next time you sit down for your coffee or tea  check it out.
There are some suggested boards
but you can taylor them to your lifestyle.
As a designer it is a wonderful place
to catalog great design inspiration.
I have many boards one of which is children.
Look here for why I feel a bit in the 'nesting' mode.
I want to create a room where grandkids
can always feel like they are having a slumber party at 'Grammie's' house.
Can't you picture these beds being used as trampolines? Oh boy can I hear all the giggles!   4 beds in one room...awesome! 
How about a cute nook? I remember sleeping on top of my grandma's cedar chest. 
Customize colors with child's faves!
Don't you think these are some great room ideas?

1.houzz 2.tumblr 4.andreasideas.blogspot 6.tumblr 7.casadiez 8.theinspiredroom 8.chicoheap

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  1. Wonderful ideas, Renae. I am sure you are an ideal grandma, but you sure don't look like anyone's grandmother! xo

  2. I am forever looking on Pinterest....I get so much inspiration there and, I have also seen some of my own photographs there too !! It is so flattering when I see that....I can never imagine that someone would like my photographs !! XXXX

  3. Renae I love the nooks!! So adorable! I have got to start spending time on Pinterest!


    Art by Karena

  4. I adore these room ideas...a cozy sleeping nook, built in beds...perfect for a great nice sleep! and Pinterest...isn't it fabulous?!

  5. I want to have a slumber party at your house...all those photos are great.


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