Scott's Antiques

I know all around blog land most of you have heard of Scott's Antiques that comes to Atlanta every month. It inhabits 2 giant buildings and some out buildings and tents.  It is amazing how much 'stuff' is out there.
I went a couple of weeks ago on the 'hunt' for some things.
While on my hunt I found a feller who makes these chicken coups and the birdhouses above.  
Years ago when I lived in Alaska, our 'girls night out' activities including making baskets.  The varieties of these reeds brought back lots of fun memories of laughter and girlfriends.
So many great colors and sizes.
This is an interesting greenhouse/outdoor room.

Love the top on this table...
...and the zinc top double sink. Perfect for a mountain retreat!
Great chest, really like the shape.
 Everywhere you look there is painted furniture.  I think a little goes a long way.
Bamboo umbrella stand, lots of $$$. 
Original art deco.

How about these doors?  So much goodness can be done with them.
Chandy's anyone?
These actually were pretty reasonable.
How lovely these French doors would be along one side of a house.
Mr. MD loves his truck and gives me looks when I want to drive it (which is about twice a year).  He thinks I am going to 'do something' to it.  Sooo, I took a picture to show him the lengths I went to make sure nothing would happen to it! :)

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  1. Looks amazing... Maybe one day I'll head that way and check it out! Bestest

    Jo XX
    Eliza Interiors & Design

  2. You saw some of the same cool stuff I saw!!!

  3. Well, gosh. I would love to make it back down there soon. These photos are so fun and so hard to look at! Makes me want it all!

  4. Lovely!!!

    Hahaha "Do something to it." Classic.

  5. So did you bring anything home with you? I do love those French doors!

  6. scotts is my hands down favorite! used to go 8 times a year and fill a trailer, have not been in over a year but such eye candy you presented. i have to get back there!

  7. We have been hearing about Scott's a lot lately and want to go so badly. Looks like they have some really unique items.
    Angela and Renee

  8. so many lovely things to see and buy..!!! I could go crazy there..but how would I get it all home? lucky for you that you have access to such a beautiful truck..!! do let Mr. MD know that we all have truck envy.. :)

  9. Oooo, it's been too long since I've been to Scott's! Can't wait for the weekend! See you tomorrow!

    Drive safe,



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