Serena and Lily!

That bicycle caught my eye!

2 Gals 

and Lily

different backgrounds

instant bond
common desire

love kids
put their heads together
and as long as it takes to grow a baby
a collection of bedding for the nursery and children's rooms was born!

then by fan demand 

and a desire to have some of their savvy blend of dynamic of color and pattern for grown-ups

they got their fingers into more pots

and expanded their unique blend of simplicity and sophistication
which bloomed into full home decor! I thoroughly enjoyed their sense of color and pattern, I know you will too!

My sweet friend Karena, one talented artist and blog pal who pens Art by Karena is hosting a give away by S&L!
Soooo, click on over and enter in!
 Hurry though, the giveaway door is closing on the 25th!

Do you want to make your house a fabulous home?
Contact MD here!


  1. Renae, thank you so much for posting about the Serena and Lily Giveaway I am hosting!! It is so special everyone will love it!

    Art by Karena

  2. They truly are a spectc business venture! Great company...great vision!


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