Modern Flair

I was looking through Elle Decor and came across this 'Asian Inspired California home'.
I'm really not sure how I feel about an entire home with modern decor.

When I was a girl growing up my parents had Scandinavian teak furniture with curvy lines.

As I have grown and developed my own style there are some things with straight lines I can embrace.

I'm just not so into 'retro'.
I could 'do' the concrete counter tops here!
Tell me what you think? 
 I love fabrics and comfy looking furniture.

Do you want your house to be a lovely home?
Call MD!


  1. I love classic furniture pieces mixed with modern lighting and fabrics. I think a mix is the way to go!!

  2. Love the use of the rich warm colored woods. Its very well done!

  3. I can take some linear furniture/objects, but also like curves and softness thrown in for balance as well! Hope you had a nice holiday, Sweet Friend! xo

  4. Renae I love to mix it up, and would still like something in Lucite!

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    Art by Karena

  5. will cringe Renae my dear, I adore 'retro' and I love Scandinavian design. But, I know what you mean about shying away from what we grew up with. I must say though that I love a great mix of style, and eras. All one style is too rigid anymore. I did love this home though in a big way!
    Fabulous post my friend!!

    Hugs to you from Hooooston xoxo

  6. Love this layout. It softens and makes organic the retro edge!

    Miss you Renae! Hope to blogging again soon.

    love-- kelee

  7. Not really my cup of tea, but I did like the dining room very much, I think it's the eclecticness of it all...and those gorgeous red flowers!
    xo J~

  8. i do.
    i love straight lines.
    i go for mostly simple
    and clean.
    but as YOU know,
    i can't get enough of 'louis' the 14th, 15th,
    and my favorite being louis the 16th.

    i am such a mixed up and crazy kid...
    can you please help??

    hehehehe XXXXX's & big hugs

  9. It's not my personal taste either, but I really loved seeing a departute from the "usual" magazine spread and even though this is modern, it still looks cozy and livable.

  10. I kinda like it....just a break from so much taste are always changing :)

  11. I love to mix it up and use what i'm drawn to as long as it can be in keeping with whatever else is going on. A little unexpected is always nice. Hope all is well with you. Mona


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