Project Monday

All finished

letting settle a bit and ready for planting. Not bad for rookies! Still deciding what will be best, decisions.

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  1. I CANNOT believe you rockstars got it all done!! It looks wonderful, it really does. I hope you had massages after it was completed?

    Tell Mike great job too!

    xx Deb

  2. DAYUM! Rookies no longer! That is perfection...I would just wallow in it's naked simplicity awhile longer!

    And yes...Big Butt chair has a friend in color!

  3. That looks GREAT!!!! GOOD job!!!

  4. how fabulous you are!!!

    do you any nails left?
    or a back?

    i love it!!!!!
    it is beeeUtiful.
    love ya xx

  5. Doesn't the word finished sound good? It's beautiful too. Mona

  6. WOW!!! What an unbelievable feat and a gorgeous outcome! Can't help but wonder how much Advil that required! :)

  7. It's good to have a vision, then make a plan and do the job, no matter how demanding. The result is ALWAYS more pleasing and successful than taking the easy way out. Thank you for your inspiration.

  8. Nothing like a cleaned and prepped bed ready for a family of flowers ready to move in and make a home! Can't wait to see what you do...enjoy!

  9. Renae, that is some hard work. My husband built the rock wall by our driveway and on one side of our pond a few years ago. It was nice meeting you yesterday.



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