Project Monday...The Blue Ones

I got the giggles so fiercely when hubby and I were decorating the tree over the weekend.  
Greg and Geoff took over hanging the lights about 12 or 13 years ago and I got the job back this year. The memories flooded of times past playing Christmas music, baking cookies together and reminiscing about the ornaments as each were being pulled out of the box.  A few tears came to the surface.

You know when you pull out the pre-boxed ornaments and there are some not ever used?  Wonder why they were kept?

Right about the time I was going to tell hubby that I don't use the blue ones, he was hanging his first ornament...BLUE! I laughed so hard and asked where he has been for the last almost 32 years?

Then asked him where in our home did I decorate with blue?  He grinned and began looking around...too funny, I promise he DOES live here.  May I say 'typical'?  

We spend all of our time in the FR but I did a little vignette in the LR.

I cannot get away from my love of hydrangeas and silver.  The collection of spoons is from my travels over the years and the opera glasses from the Paris flea market.

This is the first time in a very long time that hubby joined in, he usually was happy to watch the boys and me while sipping hot chocolate and singing carols. We had a good time.

❉ ❉ ❉



  1. Beautiful Renae! And your cold weather is making even more festive!

  2. It looks great! I love those moments when you just can't stop laughing! I also keep ornaments I never use...I'm not sure why. Maybe I feel bad throwing something away with such ultimate Christmas spirit!
    Lila Ferraro

  3. Gorgeous Renae! it is nice to have a partner there helping even if he is color blind as to you decor palette!

    Art by Karena

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by Town and Country Mom. Your decorations are lovely, although a bit blue ;)

  5. Renae,
    It all looks so nice!!! Don't you love it when something takes you in another direction than you thought it would?

    And, of course I love the branches and the mother of pearl opera glasses!!!

  6. that is sooooo nice.

    i am really hoping for a great holiday.
    i wish you one too.
    thanks for the call the other day.

    xxx love you!!!!

  7. Looks like you not only had a good time but a fabulous result. Merry Christmas! Mona

  8. Oh that's funny and so true too.
    Hubbies are like that right? Too clueless and yet so nice and comfortable to live with:)

  9. R. I enjoyed this post so much. I did not know that you don't use blue in your home... neither do I ! Everything looks so pretty. My husband is just like yours and I am so glad. I have a friend who's husband wants to be involved in the decorating of their home... that would cramp my style so

  10. Merry Christmas Renae! I'm always surprised (sometimes in a good way) when my husband injects his design choices into my schemes. Merry Christmas! XO Trish

  11. Your home is looking so warm and beautiful, Renae! Wishing you the very best of Christmases, Renae, and a New Year full of joy and much peace. xoxo

  12. It takes years but just about this age those guys start getting so cooperative and helpful (not that I mind). Your tree looks gorgeous Renae and it was lovely to meet you this year. Wishing you a magical Christmas with your family and friends. XO

  13. Awww. Sweet sweet post! Merriest of christmases to you!

    ...and the theraflu tip...wonderful! Thanks!


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