Friendship considered to be closer than association.

In this crazy blog land, we have many associations, but truly how many friends?

I have met several 'associations' that have become friends.  

This is true in the case of The Visual Vamp Valorie Hart, 

who encourages us all as designers to be good visual vamps.

She is a gracious woman with talent that oozes. 
 Her beloved Alberto had a massive heart attack in the Calgary (Canada) airport and is currently in the hospital there in need of surgery.
They want desperately to get home to Alberto's physicians, a medical evacuation is necessary.
Many have been donating by way of PayPal to:

Let's rally together bloggers and help Valorie and Alberto.



  1. Oh, I am so upset to read about Alberto. Valorie is a sweetheart and I will be praying for his recovery.

  2. oh my g-d.
    i had no idea-
    she is the kindest lady
    and i feel horribly for her to be going .through this

    you are a good friend renae xxx

  3. Oh no, say it is not so - so sorry to hear this news.
    Seems like yesterday, they were doing the tango in my home.

  4. I had no idea! Surely a scary time for them - will keep them in my prayers.

  5. What a fabulous idea Renae..very fabulous. I am going to do the same! Let's rally for Alberto & Valorie. xo xo

  6. When I try to get to to contribute, I just end up at Planet Tango with no obvious way to access the boutique. Any guess as to what I might be doing wrong. Thanks. - Minnie

  7. Minnie...
    Go to PayPal and click on 'send money', then type in;
    It works...I did it! Thanks so much for helping.

  8. Thanks, Renae. I'd tried that before to no avail, but this time it worked. Holding good thoughts for Valorie and Alberto. - Minnie


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